Jura: The Perfect Home Coffee Machine Brand

If you’re thinking about buying a coffee machine for your business or home, the Siemens brand will likely have popped up into the list of options to take a closer look at before making a decision. The EQ.9 is one of the newer models from the reputable German manufacturer, distinguishing itself from the competition thanks to innovations not yet seen in other models in the same range within the market. What exactly are these innovations, and how does the machine shape up in terms of delivering a high-quality cup of coffee with the push of each button? Today, we’ll delve a little further into this interesting machine. 

How The EQ.9 Differentiates Itself From Competitors

The EQ.9 is a fully automatic bean-to-cup machine like no other. Utilising the power of mobile connectivity and wifi, the machine links up to compatible devices using Home Connect, which pairs up smart devices and allows you to use and manage them “remotely” from within the house. In a nutshell, this means that you have the power to brew your morning cuppa from the comfort of your own bed. Managing a device in this way can save you a lot of time, and makes the home more integrated with new technologies, which is a major trend coming into effect this decade. 

The Home Connect App is Perfect For Budding Connoisseurs

The Siemens Home Connect app not only allows you to order your favourite cup of coffee from the other side of the house, but also gives you the chance to discover specialty recipes, listen to the coffeePlaylist (not essential but still fun to do with others) and even gives you the chance to learn how to get better at your home barista skills. This technology is expected to open up a whole lot more in terms of future experiences for users, likely including the incorporation of artificial intelligence and the benefits it will bring to homes in the coming years.

The Coffee Experience 

But enough about the innovative technology – what about the actual cup of coffee that EQ.9 makes? We tried it, and must say that it delivered. This machine does everything at a touch of a button, and can deliver two beverages at the same time. It also has a built-in (and self cleaning) milk system, which means you don’t have to worry about additional maintenance if you’re keen on a cappuccino. The one thing that stands out about it, is how quiet it is. You will be surprised by this if you’ve had an older model from their range, or if you’re replacing your trusted machine after a decade. All-in-all, the EQ.9 looks good, and acts even better. 

Awaken the Coffee Connoisseur In You

The EQ.9 is an incredible coffee machine and is great for home, office or commercial use. You pay more for the added value in terms of Home Connect and the self-cleaning features, but this is a mark of where manufacturers are going with coffee machines in future, and frankly, this is just the beginning. Companies like Aquaspresso are hot on the heels of the latest trends in the industry, and if the Siemens machine is not to your liking, they can point in towards something that may be a bit better suited to your lifestyle. At the end of the day we’re all chasing a great cup of coffee each morning, and there’s no denying that a high quality coffee machine can give you this (and more) for years and years to come.