Keurig Kold Review: One of the Coolest Machines

Keurig Kold Review: One of the Coolest Machines

Ok can I please just categorically state that my mind is already blown? Really. Wow. Apologies if I’m incoherent right now but really, I don’t think I’ve seen this level of innovation in a really, really long time. Imagine all the “perks” (yep, I did it again) of a Capsule Coffee Machine, combined with the functionality and product output of a flavoured cold-water beverage dispenser. Nothing like your regular cordial added to sparkling or still water, but a freaking capsule added to your machine, to produce single servings of your favourite soft drink! So, while we already know Keurig as the Coffee Machine Brand, it’s time to think again. Let’s talk about this in our Keurig Kold Review.

Keurig Design

As a child, I was always confused by the term “engineer”. Do these people have a title because they make engines? But then – what is an electrical engineer? Does he build electricity? I think I finally clicked, properly, at age 16 or so. But when I looked at the design of this machine, I truly understood what engineering is; innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, convenience, simplicity, sophistication and overall aesthetic appeal. That’s all contained in this tiny little 10kg piece of magic.

Keurig Appliances

The Keurig Kold drink maker is small in stature and beyond convenient. Considering what it is capable of, this is the epitome of “dynamite comes in small packages”.

Keurig Kold Functionality and Output

Every dispensed beverage is perfectly portioned to your tried-and-tested size of 230ml mini-can sizes. With 100 calories or less… In a normal setting, you can expect to produce up to six cups in a row. Party time at your place? They’ve got that covered. Party mode allows in excess of 30 cups to be produced consecutively. Downfall? Yes, it takes about two hours to start up this machine. But, why? For a very valid reason! It chills to -39 degrees Celsius (that’s super chilled, bruh). Ice cold drinks, to your liking, at the touch of a button. YES PLEASE! By the way, this is all done without the use of a CO2 canister.

Pure magic.

Keurig Products and Inputs

So this tiny little magic machine obviously needs product input to produce your favourite soft-drink.

And before you freak out, no, you are not only limited to carbonated regular soft-drinks. The pod range includes regular sodas, craft-soda, ice-tea, seltzers, flavoured waters and high-electrolyte sports drinks.

Keurig Kold: The Pro’s

Ok, this is a bit obvious. Capsules of your favourite drink, at a fraction of the cost, at your fingertips for added convenience. All you have to do is ready your machine. Stick in a capsule and enjoy your drink! Amazingly simple, convenient, cost effective, aesthetically-pleasing and space saving.

Keurig Kold: The Con’s

If you are as much of a soft drink enthusiast as I am, you would appreciate the delicate blend of ingredients it takes to come up with the exact flavour of your favourite drink. Yes, we all know there are two types of people in this world: Coke or Pepsi. And a substitute is never “okay”; bear in mind that although the soft drink pods are branded, they may differ in taste with the regular, finished product.

If this is a big issue for you, rather find a wholesale supplier of your favourite cold drink and buy it from them. Don’t “waste” money on a superb product if you are not going to be entirely happy and satisfied with its product.

SODA decision is yours…