Key Things to Consider When Selecting Coffee Beans

Key Things to Consider When Selecting Coffee Beans

Choosing coffee beans is a personal choice – many people prefer a mild roast while others prefer strong blends. Where you purchase your coffee beans depend largely on the type of coffee you are after, but there are many coffee bean suppliers in South Africa who specialise in variants of specialty coffees.

Here are two things to consider when choosing coffee beans:

  • Who’s going to be drinking the coffee? If your coffee machine is only going to be making coffee for you and your family, you can buy any type of coffee beans you please. If, however, you are buying a Jura coffee machine for the office, you might want to stick with milder flavours and popular blends.
  • Are the beans suited for your coffee machine? Some coffee machines can only take specific capsules or pods. Make sure you buy a coffee machine that can brew coffee beans specifically.

If you intend to buy coffee beans for your home, office or restaurant then you should already have a fair idea of what type of coffee bean in South Africa you are after. Depending on personal taste and requirements, you may consider the following blends:

  • Brazilian coffee beans – these beans are consistent yet somewhat unremarkable. However the Brazilian coffee beans does make a splendid base for coffee blends.
  • Columbia coffee beans – some of the most popular brands of Columbia coffee beans include the Supremo and Excelso. Once again your personal preferences and taste will influence your decision regarding which type of blend to go with.
  • Café Cagliari coffees – These coffee products range from the Gran Espresso, and a wide range of capsules coffees to be used with Jura capsule coffee machines. Café Cagliari was asked to join the exclusive Italian Espresso National Institute as homage to their superbly produced blends, making them one of the most popular coffee bean suppliers to the commercial and domestic market.

Why choose Aquaspresso Coffee Beans?

Aquaspresso offers a variety of first class coffee beans and is the premium supplier of coffee beans in South Africa. Their Origin coffee beans offer a fantastic original blend of coffee which was first discovered in Ethiopia.

This smooth blend is popular among those who enjoy distinctive, winey flavoured coffees. The Africa blend presents a rich blend from East Africa’s best regions, and culminates in rich chocolate and nut undertones.  Aquaspresso’s Gold Blend is a heady fusion of popular Southern African coffees, all well balanced with rich caramel flavours.

Jura coffee machines and capsule coffee machines

Aquaspresso also has a range of domestic and commercial Jura coffee machines as well as state of the art capsule coffee machines aimed at the small office to large restaurants and coffee shops.

Aquaspresso is the official distributor of Café Cagliari coffee in South Africa.

These coffees are used throughout South African coffee shops and restaurants, and are now also available to the general public.