Lavazza Modo Mio Reviewed

Lavazza Modo Mio Reviewed:All the Good and the Bad

Listen to it rolling off your tongue – “Lavazza Modo Mio”, you almost want to exaggerate and emphasise its name by throwing your hands into the air – a-la-Italiano. A simply translation for this alluring-sounding machine is “My Way”. It’s the way everyone wants their coffee.

A Fancy, Niche Capsule Coffee Machine:

Lavazza Modo Mio
We’ve already established that you are not willing to compromise on your coffee, and that excites us. Your passion meets our passion, and that piques our interest. An ideal home solution for various treats (or as we like to refer to them, necessities), the Lavazza Modo Mio Coffee Machine is a culmination of style, quality, convenience and class. Not to mention its exceptionally user-friendly format.

Which Lavazza Machine is the Best?

Lavazza Modo Mio Extra: Colourful, compact and easy to use.
The advantage of pressed coffee in a capsule, resulting in a full bodied and creamy espresso.
Thanks to its steam arm, you can prepare perfect Lattes and Cappuccinos and, by adding hot water, teas and other beverages too. It works exclusively with Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules.

Lavazza Modo Mio Premium: Stylish look, exclusive equipment

A trendy, stylish design that, although earmarked with a higher price tag, features a handy measuring button that allows you to program the exact amount of coffee you want in the cup. Furthermore, the electronic temperature control guarantees a piping hot coffee – “Your Way”. The steam arm feature enables you to prepare cappuccinos par-excellence and, by adding hot water, teas and other beverages, too. It exclusively with Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee capsules.

Although your choice in machines may take some consideration, the capsules are a no-brainer; Lavazza A Modo Mio single dose capsules are vacuum packed, preserving freshness and fragrance. The capsule contents blends guarantee a perfect Italian espresso every cup. A dense, persistent flavour and crema are obtained through their unique slow-extraction process.

La Modo Mio; it really is your way

Undoubtedly, the Lavazza Modo Mio cannot be questioned in terms of quality (both machinery as well as consumable product), style, ease-of-use and compatibility within restricted spaces. As long as your love for real Italian espresso, cappuccino, caffé latte and many other traditional Italian coffee recipes is pertinent, go get it.

If ever there was a statement “straight from the horse’s mouth”, this is it:

“It’s the coffee that makes the difference.
That was our starting point. Not yesterday, but over 110 years ago, from when Lavazza set out to give Italians unique and distinctively flavoured coffee.

In 2007 a capsule system was born,’ A Modo Mio’. We think we have succeeded.

For us Italians, coffee just must be ‘A Modo Mio’ – the way each of us loves to drink and offer a cup of espresso. Tailor made coffee, made for our individual taste, expectations and desires, exactly the way we want it.”

Giuseppe Lavazza

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