Why Does A Little Water Come Out My Jura on Startup?

Why Does A Little Water Come Out My Jura on Startup?

Have you ever noticed how the Jura in your office or home seems to seep a little water just before it starts to brew your favourite cuppa? Have you also noticed this doesn’t really happen on anything other type of coffee machine? That’s because the whole reason this happens is because of Jura’s patented technologies – both the Intelligent Pre-Brew Water System – as well as Pulse Extraction Process?

How Does IPBWS and PEP Work?

As I mentioned, the little bit of water you see escaping the spout before brewing begins is all because of the4se two technologies.

In the “older” IPBWS technology, your coffee is ground up and a small amount of heated water is added to those grounds and allowed to saturate them for a while. This allows for more flavour to develop and extra aroma to be extracted from that cup before it is brewed into your selected drink. Now if you can imagine the coffee grounds inside, even packed as tightly as they are, there will always be a minuscule amount of water that simply cannot be held inside them and thus “drips” out – resulting in the small amount of water you see escaping the spout.

In PEP – the newer technology we see in Jura machines – instead of pre-infusing the coffee grounds with heated water as was the practice in IPBWS – the very same pre-heated water is sent through the ground coffee in short bursts which extracts even more aroma (and some may argue – a higher amount of caffeine – but that hasn’t been conclusively decided just yet) from your coffee. The same principle of the coffee grounds not being able to contain all that water applies to this technology – and also results in that very same water dripping as we would see in any other Jura machine.

So there you have it – a simple explanation to a rather complex technology. Your Jura drips water before it brews because it’s some seriously advanced Jura technology!