Maintenance Plans for Coffee Machines – Buying Peace of Mind

Maintenance Plans for Coffee Machines – Buying Peace of Mind

If you’ve purchased a car with bank financing, you’ve likely had that moment during the buying process where you were offered a vehicle maintenance plan. If you’re a seasoned buyer, you’ll also likely have opted to in fact take one, because you know just how expensive unexpected wear and tear defects can be. Now why would a coffee machine be any different? It’s an investment peace (granted, costing only a fraction of the price of a vehicle) but an expensive one nonetheless.

We discuss the pros and cons of a maintenance plan for you coffee machine, as well as what is included therein:

Maintenance Plan for Coffee Machines – Pros and Cons

The biggest benefit of opting to take out a maintenance plan for your bought coffee machine is undoubtedly the peace of mind that comes with it.

Some rental and purchase companies in the coffee business have managed to structure maintenance plans that greatly benefit the consumer; looking for the below conditions may be a good way to gauge just how useful your coffee machine maintenance plan really is:

Do you have access to a courtesy machine in the even that something goes wry with the machine you purchased? There is nothing w0orse than having paid for something, only ot be left in the lurch if it comes under fire.

Do they charge for labour and collection? Return of the machine? These charges are typically not regulated and can become quite pricey, so ensure this is covered din your monthly fee.

What do you have to pay out of pocket for? It’s understandable that if a machine has a neglected or abused part that requires replacement, you would be responsible to pay for that part. Are the rest of the parts covered under the manufacturer’s warranty?

Does your maintenance plan include any bonuses or extra’s? Some companies include coffee product in this plan, so at least you get something out of it every month without needing to “claim.”

Unfortunately, when taking out a maintenance plan – the two biggest issues must be:

There is no guarantee of a “courtesy” machine if something happens to yours. The repair (or replacement, depending on your type of service plan) is at the sole discretion of the supplier, or whoever has been selected as the repairer. Scarce parts may take ages to source, and a repaired machine may be faultier upon return. Ensure your maintenance plan covers the machine after it has been repaired or replaced.

The second downfall is the grudge purchase aspect, as is the case with any type of insurance. Should nothing happen to your machine during the maintenance plan period, you may consider the monthly spend allocated to this item a waste. Win some, lose some?

It’s important to remember that insurance and maintenance plans are worlds apart; if your machine is damaged or stolen, you will not have any way to claim for it other than as a specified item under household or business insurance; make sure this base is covered and explained to you in full before forking out extra each month under false pretences.

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