Make Coffee Hotter on a Jura Coffee Machine

Make Coffee Hotter on a Jura Coffee Machine

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Increasing the temperature of your coffee on a Jura machine is quite simple. There are two things you can do.

  1. Increase machine the temperature of your froth
  2. Increase the temperature of all coffee beverages

To do step number one is the easiest. Assuming you have a professional frother on your Jura machine. A professional frother is the frothing devide which has a little knob on it which you can turn in a half-circle. If the knob is facing horizontal the machine will only dispense steam. As soon as you start to go above the centre line you start to prduce froth. As soon as you go below the centre line you start to produce hot milk. The closer you are to the centre, the hotter the mil or forth.

To do step two is equally as easy but you need to go into the menu mode. Please follow the following steps below:

  1. Press and hold the programming button
  2. The display on the machine will then read “maintenance”
  3. Cycle through the options until you get to the display “buttons” or “products” depending on your model
  4. Press the enter button to enter the product mode function
  5. In the product mode option you will have the option to change the volume, temperature and strength of each cup of coffee
  6. Click on the temperature setting and make sure it is set to high
  7. Once done, exit the product menu and then exit the main menu

Please jump to 1:45 seconds into the below video to see how to change settings like temperature.


And that’s it. Now you should have hot coffee.


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