Moka Pots vs. Coffee or Espresso Machines: Which is Better?

Moka pot or traditional coffee (like espresso) on the cards for today? If you’re struggling to decide between them, we’ve got you covered right here with the most practical choice. Although it’s hard to say which is “better” so to speak as people have a wide variety of different tastes, there are some technical comparisons that can be made to find out which one might suit your palate a little better. This guide will touch on the moka pots vs. coffee machines debate, in a bid for you to find the ideal option for you and your loved ones to enjoy at home. 

Totally Different Beasts

The great irony of the fierce debate between the two is that they are actually totally different beasts altogether. It’s easy to try and make a direct comparison when you’re thinking about buying a new coffee machine, but aside from producing coffee at the end of the day, there is very little in common between Moka pots and coffee (or espresso) machines. You can’t even make espresso with a Moka pot, with them usually only allowing for up to 2 bars of pressure per brew. You can still throw a very strong brew together, but traditional espresso needs upwards of 5 bars of pressure at least. 

Ease of Use

Both Moka pots and espresso machines present different variables into the coffee brewing process, each of which is necessary in order to achieve the desired result at the end of the day. Moka pots aren’t considered to be the easiest to brew with, whereas coffee machines can typically be a lot simpler to wrap your head around. The former does make for a more engaging experience, especially in comparison to automatic machines. If you’re after the barista experience but want as little hassle as possible, you may want to opt for a coffee machine rather than going the Moka pot route and having to put in the added effort every morning. 

An espresso machine in the process of making a new brew


In terms of crafting fun and interesting coffee drinks, Moka pots and coffee machines are equally versatile to give you a variety of options. Espresso machines are designed to offer concentrated shots of caffeine, which is why they tend to be a little bit less versatile. Espressos tend to be highly flavourful to make up for their lack of variety. The right coffee machine can make a world of difference to the hot drinks you bring into your life. While impossible to compare the types of drinks directly, it’s clear that Moka pots and coffee machines do offer more variety for the casual coffee drinker at the end of the day. 

Finding the Right Fit For Your Home

Nobody from the Aquaspresso can make the choice for you at the end of the day. Both Moka pots and coffee machines (and their espresso variants) have multiple pros and cons, and will fit into your lifestyle based on your individual needs at the end of the day. If you’re looking for variety, explore one of our coffee machine rentals for a month to see what they can do. The key to deciding between the two lies in trying both first. Experimentation is essential to growing your barista status, on top of creating the perfect coffee to kickstart your day.