Much Needed Accessories For Your Coffee Machine

It’s no secret that when customers of Aquaspresso first get their hands on a new coffee machine, there is a tendency for them to start a journey of becoming a bit of a home barista, or enhancing their skills as a coffee connoisseur. Espresso machines are a great way to hone in on this new hobby, especially as there is a fine line between getting the bitterness 100% correct with each brew. When it comes to this type of coffee machine, there are a couple of much needed accessories which can come in handy to not only improve your experience as a home barista, but also to showcase to others that you are serious about an enjoyable coffee drinking experience every time. 

Out With The Old: Get a Push Tamper

As you’ll probably know by now, tampers are tools used to pack (or “tamp”) espresso grounds into the basket of the espresso maker. The more evenly they are packed, the more likely you’ll get a high quality shot. Tampers take coffee grounds and compresses them, so they are ready for action. A push tamper takes things a step further, as it allows for a faster experience, improves consistency between cups, and is far less likely to injure the user in the process of using it. A recent study in the UK backs this up, by saying that baristas are less likely to sustain long-term injuries to their hands and wrists from moving away from the traditional tamper to a push alternative. 

Handy Microfiber Cloths

Sometimes, it pays to go back to basics, and to make sure you’ve got yourself covered. Coffee connoisseurs will know the importance of having a spotless coffee station, which includes keeping the brewing area as clean as possible. A normal cloth just isn’t going to cut it. In fact, if you’re going to get a microfiber cloth, you should buy two: one for your milk-related activities, and another for the counter itself. Thank us later, Mr. Professional!

Investing in a Milk Pitcher

Getting creamy steamed milk every time is a guarantee when you buy a specialised milk pitcher. These are inherently designed for rapid swirling, which improves the texture of the finished product. The pitchers also come with a pouring spout that will have your friends gazing at you with looks of awe. There are many sizes to choose from, some of which are more convenient with espresso, while others work best with cappuccino and conventionally milky hot drinks. Think about what you make most often before buying a new pitcher. 

A Dependable Machine Cleaner

We all love a working, well oiled espresso or coffee machine. What we don’t love, is the thought of having to keep them clean around the clock, especially if we don’t have much time for maintenance over the weekends. Make sure that you invest in the right cleaning products for your coffee machine, as this is an easy way to extend its lifespan, and to save you cash over the long run. Most reputable products don’t leave any residue or change the taste in any way. Do some research, and start seeing cleaning as an important part of looking after your “baby” within your budding new hobby at home. Once you’ve got that covered, you can focus on making new memories, cup in hand with the people you love.