How Much Should I Spend on a Coffee Machine?

How Much Should I Spend on a Coffee Machine?

The end of the year is approaching, and people are getting all the more focused on their Christmas spending, while looking forward to whatever the new year has in store for us. If a new coffee machine has been on your list of things to buy, or if you’re looking to buy one for a loved one for Christmas, you’ve probably already started doing some online research and crunching the numbers. It’s important to do so, but figuring out what an appropriate amount to spend on a coffee machine can be difficult. Let’s explore this topic a little further, in order to give you a base to work from. 

The General Price of a Coffee Machine

Coffee machines come in all shapes and sizes, and are priced according to brand, functionality and ease of use. Home coffee machines can range anywhere from R2500.00 up, with some higher-end models retailing around R50 000.00. This is why it can be so difficult to talk about a “general price” of a coffee machine, as there is such a great variety of choice, that it really depends firstly on what you’re willing to put aside in your budget. Knowing that machines come in a range of prices, it is important to take a look at what makes the most sense for you first.

Consider Your Needs First

Your needs, or the needs of your family, should come first. If you’re wanting a machine to pop out a quick instant cup of coffee in the morning, and nobody else in the house drinks coffee, then naturally it makes sense to go for something on the lower end of the spectrum. If everyone in the house needs a cuppa or two to get going in the morning, you may want to invest in something that has a timer, so the cups are ready to go when you wake up. Talk to the members of the family, and get a sense of what is most practical. If you’re always feeling like it’s a rush to get going in the morning, it may be worth investing in an automatic machine. If you’re on your own schedule, you could look at a different range of machines. Know what you’re looking for before you start the process. 

Do Your Research

Once you know what you’re looking for, make sure you do your research. This doesn’t just include a quick Google search or hopping onto your favourite online store, as a coffee machine purchase is an investment, and something you’ll be using each day of the year ahead. Find the model and type of machine that you’re interested in using a basic search, then pop over to the supplier website and their social accounts to see if they are running any kind of discounts or specials. Christmas and Black Friday both are great opportunities to find good deals, so keep an eye out and sign up to mailing lists during this time, to get notified about any great deals you could dig your heels into. 

Explore All Avenues, Including Renting a Machine

While we’ve established that a home coffee machine can set you back anywhere from a few grand to R50 000.00, you should also explore all your options based on your current budget. Have you considered renting a coffee machine? Aquaspresso, for example, is one of the leading coffee machine providers in South Africa, giving consumers the chance to rent machines on a monthly basis. This not only gives you a chance to test out various machines, but allows you to see what works for you and the family, before you commit to spending cash on buying. Their machines are decently priced to begin with, so it may be an option for you to buy shortly after renting. Buying a coffee machine in 2020 doesn’t need to be a traditional process, but it can mean good things for your coffee habits and your pocket. Good luck!