Mythos X1 OT Automatic vs Jura E8

Mythos X1 OT Automatic vs Jura E8

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the name Mythos as:

  • Myth or Mythology
  • A pattern of beliefs expressing often symbolically the characteristic or prevalent attitudes in a group or culture
  • Theme, Plot – in reference to the starving artist Mythos

While we’re not entirely sure which of those definitions applies most accurately to the naming of this brand of coffee machines, we do know which we’d assume is true. Mythos Coffee Machines – the X1 OT Automatic in particular – creates superior coffee which may (read: probably) bring together the snobbiest of coffee snobs.

The Jura E8 has been carefully selected as the Mythos X1 opponent; why, you ask? Aside from the almost exact capacity and output matches, they are both one-touch for milk drink machines. With latte’s and cappuccino’s fast becoming the best-selling coffee types, you either know of someone or are that someone who  enjoys the frothy deliciousness that comes from freshly prepared milk and freshly ground coffee. So this goes out to you, cappuccino lovers!

Let’s compare!

Mythos X1 OT Automatic Overview Jura E8 Overview – Read the review here! 
Adjustable grinder Grinder type – AromaG3 grinder (adjustable)
Water tank capacity 1.8 litres Water tank capacity 1.9 litres
Touch screen & text display Display  – TFT colour display
One touch selection for milk drinks One touch selection for milk drinks
Rotary selection knob Rotary selection knob
6 programmable selections 8 programmable selections
Programmable coffee length Programmable coffee length
Adjustable temperature settings Adjustable temperature settings (water)
250g bean hopper 280g bean hopper
Ground coffee chute Ground coffee chute
Integrated cleaning system Integrated cleaning system
Price: +/- R 19 000.00

Price: +/- R 16 000.00


 Side by side, these machines have almost exact matches. The preference you have for brand, cost and slight “betterments” from one machine to the other would be the deciding factor in most cases.

What’s your favourite?