Do I Need a Coffee Maker? This Awkward Question, Answered

Do I Need a Coffee Maker? This Awkward Question, Answered

Modern day convenience is becoming more of a necessity nowadays. How many people do you know who have recently gotten a dishwasher, when they seem to have survived perfectly for decades before that? Look at big brands and how they have evolved; their core objective is to simplify the lives of their customers. Coffee is no different. For example, the Capsule machine has revolutionised the way many people drink coffee at home – and it’s easy to see why. You pop a capsule into your machine and in literally less than a minute, you have a perfectly brewed, speciality and high-quality cup of coffee. But – do we really even need a coffee machine as such to enjoy great quality coffee in our home every day? Let’s discuss the options.


Home Coffee Machine: What to look out for and consider home coffee machine

The starting point of any purchase is awareness. Are you familiar with the different types of coffee machines available to you, what their capabilities are – and if they’re the right match for you? Your main coffee machine types are: capsule coffee machines, bean-to-cup machines and filter coffee machines. They all have their pro’s and con’s. For instance, capsule machines can be bought for quite a low price, but require a relatively costly product input (the capsules are pricey in relation to other coffee products). Bean -to-Cup machines offer the best quality coffee (using fresh beans and fresh milk can only result in above-par coffee), but most models are costly. Filter coffee machines are, of these three choices, the cheapest – and they require a cheap coffee product input, too. Brainstorm a list of two or three things you like about each, and what features may be redundant for you. For example – you are the only coffee drinker at home, but you can’t stand instant coffee. Don’t go for a bean-to-cup machine then, because it will end up costing more than it’s worth. That leaves you with either a capsule machine or a filter coffee machine. You like your coffee plain? Want a pot of coffee waiting for you at 05:00 when your alarm goes off? Filter coffee machine. You prefer speciality coffee’s, sipped slowly after a long day at the office? Have space constraints? A capsule machine may suit that need better.


Coffee Makers: Alternative Options

There are some coffee machines that really aren’t given their due. The modest French Press is overlooked time and time again – yet it can be such an effective solution! You can use any type of filter coffee – and as long as you stick to the recommended brewing time and remember to heat up your French Press before brewing your coffee – you can’t go wrong. If you enjoy a regular filter coffee and price is an area of concern for you – consider using a filter coffee machine or a French Press.

french press


Coffee Cones: This came as a shocker to me. Considering I have been in the coffee business for some time already, I thought I had been exposed to every type of coffee brewing method possible. Until I saw this. As with any product, there are hundreds of brands who provide, essentially, the same product. The Coffee Cone looks like a plastic coffee cup with a splayed out, broad bottom with a large exit hole. In short, you place this gadget over your coffee cup, insert a filter, add your ground coffee and pour-over hot water, stirring continuously while pouring. This combines the gravitational brewing method with one-cup-convenience. Unfortunately, this won’t yield any yummy Cappuccino’s, but is perfect for a super cost-effective and time saving brewing method. Truth Coffee explains the process quite well.

coffee cone

The Aeropress. This little wonder of the world falls neither into the category of Coffee Machine, nor manual brewing system. It’s still relatively new in South Africa but retails for a very fair price. If you’ve gone through all your options, like filter coffee machines, capsule coffee machines, French presses – and nothing has tickled your fancy as yet – have a look at this. The Aeropress is a manually operated coffee machine that allows you to use any type of filter coffee and make yourself a cup of Espresso without any of the expensive machinery and product that usually goes with it.



Now, if you’re still unsure of what type of coffee machine to go for – remember “P.O.P”


Price: Will I end up saving or wasting money? Is the price of my machine worth what I want it for?

Output: Can the machine produce the coffee type I want?

Product: Is the product for my machine expensive and easy to obtain?


Once you’ve decided on what type of machine you want, you can start to make informed comparisons on various brands within that range and find something that is really going to make you happy. A little luxury is nice for everyone, but being educated on all your options is even nicer.