Nescafe Alegria

Nescafe Alegria

The Nescafe Alegria is one of the newest vending coffee machines on the market which is produced by Nestle.

The home version of the Nescafe Alegria makes use of an instant coffee refill which can be bought at selected stores in South Africa. The Alegria can be seen as a mini vending machine for ones home or office.

If Alegria can produce espresso,coffee and cappuccino. It is equipped with a water tank which can be interchanged with a bigger one for use in offices.

The Nescafe Alegria doesn’t have a storage for milk inside the machine. It comes together with a measuring cup in order to measure the right amount of milk to put in ones cup. The machine then shoots a water/steam into the cup which bubbles the milk and creates a froth like effect.

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