Nescafe Coffee Vending Machine Suppliers: South African Suppliers and Alternatives Discussed

Nescafe coffee vending machines suppliers and Nescafe alternatives in South Africa

Nestle coffee vending machines are the most recognizable vending machines throughout the world. The red and black Lioness is an iconic machine the world-over. Nestlé’s instant coffees are still the top 2 sellers in South Africa with Nescafe and Ricoffy being consumed by about 80 percent of the South African instant coffee drinking population. When it comes to buying or renting a Nescafe vending machine or a Nescafe-like vending machine there are many options available to you in South African. In this post we will list all the companies who we are aware of that either supply alternatively branded instant vending machines or are Nescafe coffee vending machine suppliers themselves.

Non-Nestle instant vending coffee machines:Nescafe Lioness

We have discovered that the intent of most companies looking for a Nescafe coffee machine is often not to get strictly a Nescafe machine but rather any instant vending machine which fulfils the purpose of a coffee vending machine (Nestle or Other)

The following companies all supply instant coffee vending machines throughout South Africa. Keep in mind that you can use any instant or freeze dried coffee within any of these options:

Coffee Solutions: Coffee solutions supplies mainly Bianchi bean vending machines but also offer some instant options.

Top Vending:

Top Vending supplies the Vitale and Tempo instant vending options.


Ciro supplies the Necta range of instant vending machines as well as Bianchi vendors.

Coffee Break:

Coffee Break supplies the old Nescafe Lioness red and black machine as well as the Bianchi Lei.

Aquaspresso (that’s us :-):

We supply Bravilor Bonamat instant coffee vending machines.


Vendtec specialises in large floor standing vending machines particularly the Azkoyen range.

Vending Solutions (formerly PK vending):

Vending Solutions supplies the GPE range of instant vending options.

Cafe Kreme:

Cafe Kreme also specialise in the Bianchi Lei instant machine.

Frontier coffee:

Frontier coffee imports the Coffee Time combination (instant and bean) vending machine.

The Coffee Company:

The coffee co sell the Bravilor range and Schaerer range of instant vending machines.


Pureau fresh water company also sells and rent the Bianchi vending machines.

Rhea vendor instant vending machinesRheavendor Logo

All nestle vending machines are made by Rhea vendor in Italy. Although Rhea Vendor make the face and branding of the Nescafe range of coffee machines unique for Nestle, it is possible to also get Rhea made coffee machines in South Africa which are not Nescafe branded machines. Importalia services and repairs a range of Rhea vendor machines so if you want a “Nescafe vending machine” which are not a Nescafe vending machine then Importalia are good bets. We (Aquaspresso) also are one of the agents for Rhea in South Africa, but we supply only their bean bending machine range.

What are the alternative coffee vending machine options available:

About 15 years ago when someone spoke about a coffee vending machine they didn’t have to distinguish if they were speaking about an instant coffee or bean to cup coffee vending machine as it was almost a given that all vending machines were indeed instant coffee machines.
These days most vending machines are actually bean to cup machines due to the fact that people’s coffee tastes have matured over the years (particularly in South Africa).

Which option is right for you depends on what you are after and your specific needs. For some help deciding please have a look at our article instant vending vs bean vending coffee machines (Instant vs Bean Vending Machines).