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Coffee & Beverage consumables

ProductQuantityProduct CodePrice (Excluding VAT)
Coffee Beans Gold 1 KG [C01] R260
Coffee Beans Origins 1 KG  [C02] R260
Coffee Beans Africa1 KG  [C03] R260
Coffee Beans Mountain1 KG  [C04] R260
Coffee Beans Atlas 1 KG  [C09] R250
4th Avenue  Coffee Beans1 KG [C11] R350
4 th Avenue Decaf 150 Sachets  [C15] R1050
4 th Avenue Beans Decaf 1 KG, Pack of 10[C16]R2300
Terbodore Capsules – Great Dane10 Capsules [C30] R105
Terbodore Capsules – This Is Africa10 Capsules[C31]R105
Terbodore Capsules – English Toffee10 Capsules[C32]R105
Terbodore Capsules – Italian Hazelnut10 Capsules[C33]R105
Terbodore Capsules – Dutch Chocolate10 Capsules[C34]R105
Terbodore Capsules – French Vanilla10 Capsules[C35]R105
Prestige Filter Coffee1.2kg (20 x 60g)[C40]R345
Filter Coffee – Supreme 1.2 KG  [C41] R345
Filter Coffee – Premium 1.2 KG  [C42] R338
Vending Milk Powder4 KG[V02]R820
Vending Sugar4 KG[V03]R220
Hot Chocolate Powder4 KG[V05]R400
Instant Vending Coffee1 KG[V08]R800
Nescafe Classic1 Kilogram[V34]R570
Nescafe Ricoffy1.5 Kilograms[V44]R280
Sugar White Sachets1000 sachets, 5KG[V62]R280
Sugar Brown Sachets1000 sachets, 5KG[V63]R280
Canderel Sachets1000 sachets, 1KG[V64]R280
Full Cream UHT Milk6 x 1L[V96]R110
Low Fat UHT Milk6 x 1L[V97]R110
Polystyrene Cups175 ML, Box of 1000[8A1]R550
Polystyrene Cups250 ML, Box of 1000[8A2]R525
Polystyrene Cups175 ML, Box of 200[8A3]R149
 Bio Paper Cups 175 ML, Box of 200 [8C6] R166
White Paper Cups175 ML, Box of 1000[8C4]R680
Clear Plastic Cups200 ML, Box of 200[8C5]R152
Coffee Hot Cups250 ML, Box of 200[8D5]R375
Double Wall Kraft Cup (250ml, Aquaspresso Branded)Box of 1000[8N3]R1700
Cups (350ml)Box of 1000[8N5]R2330
Lids (250ml)Box of 1000[8N4]R900
Black Lids (350ml)Box of 1000[8N6]R960
Wooden Stirring Sticks1000 units[8S1]R120
Nescafe Vending Cup Tall (250ML)Box of  80 [8N1] R150
Nescafe Vending Sipper Lid (175ML) Box of  100 [8N2] R87
Cups & Lids  (250ML) Pack of  100 [8N7] R260
Cups & Lids  (350ML) Pack of  100 [8N8] R330
Nescafe Cremora 1 KG   [V28] R89
Nescafe Superiore Beans 1 KG     [V32] R338
Nestle Hot Chocolate 3.5 KG    [V35] R490
Nescafe Gold Hazelnut 1 KG    [V45] R410
Nestle Milo 2 KG    [V46] R335
Nescafe Alegria Creamer 3 KG    [V51] R450
Nescafe Alegria Skim Milk 3 KG    [V52] R1110
Nescafe Alegria Intense 1 KG    [V54] R840
Nescafe Alegria Hot Chocolate 3 KG    [V55] R464
Clear Plastic Cups (200ML)Box of 1000 [8C3] R670
Pureau Plastic Cups 175 ML, Box of 100 [8C8] R58


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