Nespresso Pixie Review – Compact Coffee

Nespresso Pixie Review – Compact Coffee

The Nespresso Pixie is the household accessory anyone who has ever watched TV, or enjoyed good coffee – will want in their homes.

It’s everywhere you look – on shelves, in adverts, online stores abound. And for good reason; the Nespresso Pixie is one of the most easily accessible, and most reliable little capsule coffee machines on the market.

As all is fair in love and war – we’re going to play both sides of the fence today and do a review of the pixie – including every advantage and disadvantage you could imagine.

Nespresso Pixie Overview

The Nespresso Pixie can be bough at any major outlet; think Game, Makro, Dion Wired, Boardmans and @home.

You can easily pop this little machine into your basket, where it will slot neatly between new bedding and fluffy pillows. It should fit just as nicely into your budget, setting you back roughly in the median of R 2000.00.

The one very appealing feature of the pixie model is the interchangeable side panel; you can literally choose any colour that fits into your décor! No more coffee machines that stick out like sore thumbs against a fuchsia splash-back!

Nepresso Pixie Advantages

  • nespresso pixie side panels




    • Machine has interchangeable side panels, in a variety of colours
    • Capsules available in a large variety of flavours AND strengths
    • Capsules available in decaf option – in three strength variants too!
    • Machine is relatively quiet (when compared to noise levels made by bean-to-cup coffee machines)
    • Hardly requires maintenance; the machine will only require a de-scale if you are using “impure water” – and that usually only happens annually.
    • The machine can be configured to fill any cup size, and as as accommodate said cup with a removable drip tray.
    • Nespresso offers “Recycling Bags”, into which you can dump your used capsules. Return that packet to any Nespresso boutique and they’ll make sure your pods don’t end up in a never-ending landfill.


Nespresso Pixie Disadvantages

  • This machine sounds pretty awesome, but every single machine – new or old – will have some downfalls.
  • The Pixie can only make coffee-based drinks; if you love cappuccino’s- you simply won’t get one from this machine.
  • The capsules are expensive; prices averaging R 80.00 – R 100.00 (per pack of ten) can quickly add up, month-on-month.
  • You can only purchase your capsules from Nespresso boutiques. While the machine is available at major retailers, you will be handed a voucher to buy your capsules at a boutique. That being said, each boutique has a “taste-testing” station – so you can sample before buying a whole box.
  • Your minimum order for online purchase to qualify for free delivery is R 1000.00

In Summary

The Nespresso Pixie is a hard-working home companion, which will provide you with great tasting coffee drinks all year round.

Yes, the cost is relative to quality – so you’ll get what you’re paying for. Kudos to Nespresso for considering he environmental impact – so if you buy one – pleases make sure you use their recycling service!

If you like it plain, simple, high-quality and easy – then really, the question is – ‘what else”?


Cover Image Credit – bettyrosbottom

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