Nespresso vs Bean to Cup: Renowned Convenience or Fresh Quality?

Nespresso vs Bean to Cup: Renowned Convenience or Fresh Quality?

Bet your bottom dollar that you have at least one friend, colleague or acquaintance that is more proud of their Nespresso machine than the owner of a brand new Lamborghini. Nespresso has not only become a household name, but also a mark of quality ad convenience rarely merged so well into a small, affordable machine.

That being said, what are the typical differences, benefits and disadvantages of those specific capsule system when compared to a home-sixed, fresh milk bean to cup coffee machine solution?

We compare the popular Nespresso Coffee Solution against a typical bean to cup solution, for those who want to explore alternative options to having superior quality in their homes.

Nespresso: Pros and Cons

The Nespresso coffee solution is preferred by many home users for a few reasons.

Firstly, it is one of the most well-known brand names in the coffee culture. You are buying a mark of unspoken quality and trust when buying this brand – you know that not much can or will go wrong.

Another factor – one that is two-fold – is the price and availability of the Nespresso coffee system. You can pick up a Nespresso machine at any major retailer, as well as dedicated boutique stores – wherever you are. You can order online if you please – all these ways of buying your machine are easily accessible and affordable. The price range of the machine allows for a home environment to be able to afford it quite easily, and the machine is incredibly easy to operate and understand.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of this machine is the choice of coffee pods available; you can choose your favourite strength, aroma and sometimes even flavour. This lends well to satisfying a big household by catering to as may tastes as possible.

Inversely, with the wide variety of capsules available – the product itself is hard to come by. Not every supplier of the Nespresso coffee solution stocks or provides the coffee capsules – making it a bit harder to keep enjoying your coffee after purchase.

Then there is always the debate of the eco-friendliness of Nespresso coffee capsules or pods. While Nespresso has taken every measure possible – by allowing consumer to bring their used coffee pods into a boutique for them to recycle – there will always be irresponsible users who throw away their coffee pods into regular trash and contribute towards rapidly growing landfills.

The biggest downfall, however (at least in my opinion) is the premise of fresh coffee. Yes, Nespresso pods are some of the best packaged and well-preserved coffee pods available but in comparison to freshly ground or whole bean coffee solutions – they undoubtedly fall short.


Bean to Cup Machines: Pros and Cons

Bean to cup machines have been sub-consciously written out of the realm of affordable home coffee solutions, possibly due to their previously exclusive sale from suppliers – and an associated price tag that made them unaffordable. More and more bean to cup solutions have been tailored to suit the home user better, by means of using less costly components, smaller machine sizes and easier user interfaces to make coffee preparation that much simpler.

The biggest challenge when using a bean to cup solution for your home is likely the learning curve that will be experienced by any new user; familiarising yourself with the layout and functionality of your machine will not only make using your machine that much easier – but will also allow you to make even better drinks than before.

Using fresh milk and fresh beans to create your coffee to perfection has a two-old benefit; firstly, you are using the freshest possible ingredient s- so your coffee will automatically taste just that much better. Secondly, using ingredients which are not pre-packaged means there is no risk of using items which are non-recyclable, or may contribute to landfills.


Accessing bean to cup coffee solutions for the home is now easier than ever, and with the right machine in your home and a little bit of patience – you may be able to open up new doors in your very own coffee culture, that you may not have known ever existed.


Whether you love your Nespresso and wouldn’t change it for the world (…what else?) or you’re an avid bean to cup coffee lover – there is a solution out there that is right for you!

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