Nespresso vs Dolce Gusto

Nespresso VS Dolce Gusto : Battle of the Capsule Coffee Machines

Does this headline have you squinting – wondering why on earth we would compare two of the same thing? That’s exactly why we created this post!

Two of the biggest names in Capsule Coffee Machines, both locally and globally, must certainly be Nespresso and Dolce Gusto. Two systems – developed by the same company – with two very different scopes.

The main difference is in the general operations of the coffee makers, as well as the relative coffee selections. In essence, they are aimed at two different target markets; bear in mind they both fall under the Nestle-brand ownership; you don’t become the biggest food company based on revenues, without a fair amount of sneak.

Both systems use coffee capsules for brewing, but each system is exclusive. The capsules are not interchangeable; some more sneak.

Dolce Gusto only has two models currently, while Nespresso is currently sitting on 9 coffee capsule machine models, and forever upgrading and tweaking. The advantage the Dolce Gusto has in this regard, is it’s simplicity.

Firstly, on choosing a model, and secondly, operating. The Dolce Gusto only has one lever which pretty much controls everything. There is no separate heating of milk or frothing, as you have within the Nespresso range. It’s an all in one. Pro for some, Con for others. The reason they are able to do this is that they have very clever milk-capsules too, and even offer other beverage options (think Milo). A pro if you enjoy the convenience and affordability, a con if you like real milk, to make a real cappuccino.

Where Nespresso wins, hands down, would be in their coffee selections. As mentioned, Dolce Gusto has a very nice range of fancy, American coffee’s, while Nespresso offers a wide range of actual coffee, opposed to Dolce’s two real coffee offerings.

In short, Dolce Gusto coffee maker for those who need coffee every day and not too fussy with regards to the taste of their coffee. It is a machine for the “daily grind”.

Nespresso coffee is more selective and therefore suitable for coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts .

We might be so bold as to say the Dolce Gusto is a Toyota to Nespresso’s a Ferrari.

Price. What’s a review without price?

Nespresso Coffee makers will set you back in the range of  R 1 380.00 – R 7 000.00; yes, there is quite a range.

Dolce Gusto, while limited in choice, wil cost in the region of  R 2 500.00

The Dolce capsules will cost you around R 4, 50 each, as opposed to Nespresso capsules coming in at around the R 7.00 mark.

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