Nestle Nescafe Coffee Vending Machine Reviews

Nescafe Coffee Vending Machine Reviews: All Nestle Vending Machines Critiqued

Nescafe is the leading name in instant coffee vending machines worldwide but are they the best option for you? In this review we give our two cents on why we feel you should and why we believe you shouldn’t get a Nescafe coffee vending machine for your business.

Nescafe Vending Machine Models:

There are two Nescafe Vending ranges; namely the Nescafe Alegria and Nescafe Milano ranges. There are three models in each range which differ in size and the number of ingredient canisters but besides for that they are identical (For a detailed look into the difference of all models please see the article Nescafe Vending Machine Prices and Specs)

Nestlé’s Nescafe Vending Machines Full Review:

When reviewing the Nescafe machines we chose to review only one model in the Alegria and Milano range as the models within each range are identical and only differ in size. We reviewed the machines based on 5 criteria; Machine Quality, Product Quality, Machine Problems, Aesthetics and Price.

Quality and Durability:

All Nescafe Vending Machines are made by Rheavendor who are one of the leaders worldwide in vending machine manufacture ( Rheavendor has been making vending machines since the 1970’s and have pretty much perfected the art over the last 40 years, but their ideology isn’t for everyone. The belief of Rheavendor is that they want the user to be able to control every last detail of the quality of the cup of coffee. There are of course many advantages in being able to control exactly every aspect of how your cup of coffee is made but with a lot of control comes complexity and potential problems.

The most popular Rhea model (and by far the simplest) of all time was the Nescafe Lioness which has only recently been replaced by both the Alegria and Milano models to spruce up their looks.  The components of all Rheavendor machines are all of good quality but the machines do require a lot of “help” and patience from the user to ensure smooth operation.

We have seen many environments where machines have not performed as expected (but this has largely been to lack of commitment on the users behalf). One needs to know that if they do get a Rhea machine that the machine should give them reliable flawless services for years but you do need to do your bit and commit to the required cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Product Quality:quality

If you are after a premium coffee then the Nescafe vending range might not be the machines for you as all Nescafe coffee vending machines use instant coffee and powdered milk. This is often perfect for office use but if you are after a restaurant quality coffee which uses fresh milk and coffee beans then the Nescafe range is probably not your best choice. To read more about instant coffee vs bean coffee vending machines you can read our article differences of beans and instant coffee

You can use any vending compatible ingredients in a Nescafe machine so the quality of the products is totally up to you (keeping in mind that you must use an instant coffee and a powdered milk option). Any instant coffee will work well in the machine (even Jacobs, which is Nescafe’s biggest competitor works perfectly :-)) One must be careful however to stay away from chicory based instant coffees as the steam in the machine can cause the chicory to solidify and get rather sticky.

When it comes to milk powder, the machine is able to work nicely with any milk powder but one must be cautious when using a creamer as, like chicory based instant coffee, creamer can cause the machine to clog.

Nescafe Vending Machine Prices:prices

There are many Nescafe “type machines” which are supplied by a number of coffee companies without the Nescafe branding which are often considerably cheaper than purchasing or renting a machine from Nestle but if you want to get a Nescafe machine direct from Nestle you will have to go the rental route and take out a rental for a period of 2 years. Average prices start at R490 per month and go up to R950 per month. You can view all the 2015 Nescafe vending machine prices in the article Nestle Vending Machine Comprehensive Pricelist.


The one thing which does separate Nestle vending machines from other Rheavendor machines are their aesthetics. Although Rheavendor manufactures coffee vending machines for 100’s of coffee companies the styling of the Alegria and Milano machines is unique to Nestle and quite breathtaking. In our view they are great looking machines with all the buttons backlit with a white/blue glow and a glossy finish on both Alegria and Milano faces.

Nescafe Vending Machine Problems:problems

As with all vending machines, they aren’t without their problems. The biggest complaint people have about Nescafe machines is their proneness to clog especially when it comes to the milk powder. This however is a common issue with all vending machines and not really specific to Nescafe machines. Powder clogging is probably the most common problem reported on all our coffee vending machines across all our brands.

Nescafe Vending Machine Alternatives:

If you are after a powdered milk instant vending machine and are looking for alternatives to Nestle you can check out some of the following manufacturers (All are represented in each South Africa and many other countries by a number of coffee companies)

Bravilor Bonamat – Simplest of all coffee vending machines and easiest to service and maintain. Not as programmable and customizable as the Nestle range but also not nearly as complex.

Bianchi of ChinaCheaper than most of the other manufacturers and although manufactured in China, still of a decent quality.

Bianchi of Italy 20% more expensive than Bianchi of China but of slight better quality. Bianchi of Italy is the original but neither are clearly marked which one is which

Necta (N & W Vending) – The most expensive of all vending machine ranges. Necta are particularly suited to heavy usage environments which are one of the reasons they come with their heavy price tag.


The Nestle range of Nescafe Coffee Vending Machines is some of the most popular machines worldwide and in South Africa. In the old days if you want a coffee vending machine you didn’t have much choice but today with the emergence of the vending and coffee market in South Africa there are a plethora of options to choice from. Each environment and circumstance does have their own specific needs and there are some instances where a Nescafe machine is your best option and others where another machine might suit you a little better.

We are strong believers of the “try before you buy” philosophy  so whichever option you choose try make sure you try it first to make sure you are happy before you commit.

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