Nivona vs. Jura Coffee Machines: A 2021 Review

It’s always a good day at the office when we get to review two prominent coffee machine brands. Taking a closer look at how their coffee makers shape up relative to each other, while also getting a bit more introspective about what the market might be after in 2021, is just what we like to get our hands dirty with. Well, as long as getting them dirty involves a good cup of coffee (or three) during the course of the process, who are we to complain. Today, we’ll do just this, taking a look at two well established brands in the industry, namely Nivona, and Jura. 

The Nivona Brand

Right away, you might have thought that Nivona was the less known brand of the two today, and we’d have to agree. The company is a bit of a sleeper in the South African market, but across Europe they have been a powerhouse for some time. Originating in Switzerland and Europe, Nivona machines offer a sophistication to their automatic coffee machines, and even more prominently to their espresso makers. What stands out for us about their range of products is that they cater specifically to coffee drinkers with varying tastes and preferences around the world. The Nivona team gets meticulous about their machines reaching niche markets, and offering a high quality product irrespective of where the consumer might be based. 

The Jura Brand

Jura on the other hand is a popular coffee machine and appliance brand in South Africa, with a history dating as far back as the 1930’s. The company might still be proud of its Swiss routes, but these days most of their production is outsourced to various locations around the world. Their mid-range coffee makers are the taste of the town for home and small business owners, and a recent collaboration with tennis professional Roger Federer have upped their clout with middle class markets around the world tremendously. Nobody is going to turn down a cup of coffee from the GOAT himself, are they? We certainly wouldn’t. 

Who Caters Better To The Market in 2021?

In 2021, a lot of people are going to continue to be working from home, while the COVID-19 vaccine continues to be developed and rolled out around the world. That is why our victor between the brands will have to be the one that best caters to the increase in demand for home (office) coffee makers, mostly as many working professionals will have to formally forfeit their in office coffee machine privileges. Jura’s range of automatic home coffee makers is affordable, diverse and perfectly caters to this niche of consumers that will be on the lookout for a machine to call their own. While Nivona’s range is also diverse, from a pricing perspective, it may be more expensive to consider these, especially if the Rand continues to dwindle in line with volatile global markets. 

A Quality Coffee Guarantee For The New Year

If you are one of the many people who will be looking to get their hands on a coffee machine for the home office in 2021, exploring a range of Jura machines might be a good place to start. Aquaspresso is a supplier of a wide range of Jura coffee makers, each of which can be bought or rented depending on your budget. The company offers flexible coffee machine options, alongside installation, training and maintenance assistance. Having the added level of support can help to give the coffee machine a longer lifespan, and also give you peace of mind to know that you will always have backup in case something about the machine leaves you with questions, or any kind of trouble. Here’s to a year filled with good coffee, irrespective of the unforeseen hurdles posed by the coronavirus and other challenges.