Office Coffee Machine Cost

Office Coffee Machine Costs: Rental and Purchase Prices

Renting or buying the right coffee machine for your office can be tricky given the vast number of options available and given the fact that companies are so scared to publish their prices online. It is our mission to first and foremost educate and therefore we have put together this blog post which details all the costs associated with renting or purchasing an office coffee machine.

There are a number of coffee systems available for offices so we will try and go through the pricing of each of these systems and by coffee system we machine the machine cost as well as the ongoing coffee cost.

There are 4 office coffee machine options. These are:

  • Capsule Coffee Machines
  • Filter Coffee Machines
  • Automatic Coffee Machines
  • Vending Coffee Machines

Capsule Coffee Machines Costs:

Capsule coffee machines are the most ubiquitous coffee machine found in homes today and because some home owners are also company owners, capsule coffee machines are often the first port of call  when it comes to selecting an office coffee machine. Capsule coffee machines are pretty reliable, even when used fairly heavily, and they are still the cheapest coffee machine option you can go for, with prices ranging from R1500 – R6500. The problem which most people realize too late is the coffee often lands up costing an astronomical amount when capsules are used in offices. A capsule (or cup of coffee) costs between R6 and R7 which makes the coffee bill add up rather quickly. A standard office of 10 people drinking 3 cups of coffee per day would drink 600 cups of coffee per month which would mean the office would spend at least R3600 per month just on coffee – not cheap!

Filter Coffee Machines Costs:

Filter coffee machine solutions work out the overall cheapest option for companies taking into account the machine purchase or rental costs as well as the ongoing coffee costs. Industrial filter coffee machines cost around R3500 once off or R150 per month on rental. The coffee is also really well priced, averaging at R1.00 per cup, making filter coffee machines the ultimate economical office coffee machine option. Filter coffee machines of course don’t offer cappuccinos, espressos and hot chocolate but if low price is what you are after then filter coffee machines could be the solution for you.

Automatic Coffee Machines Costs:

Automatic office coffee machines cost anywhere from R12,000 – R60,000 depending on which model is selected. Rentals likewise range from R290 per month to R1500 per month. The coffee used in automatic coffee machines is beans and cost anywhere between R1.5-R3.00 per cup making it cheaper than capsule machines to run but more expensive than filter coffee. Automatic coffee machines mean a higher once off or monthly rental cost than capsule coffee machine but running costs are around half the price.

Coffee Vending Machines Costs:

Coffee Vending  Machines are similarly priced to automatic coffee machines ranging from R20,000 – R60,000.00. Corresponding rental options cost between R450 – R1500 per month depending on the model selected. Vending machines typically have milk powder and sugar contained inside of the machine already so your per cup cost includes milk and sugar whereas the other pricing options above are given only as a per coffee cup price. Because the vending per cup price includes milk and sugar the average cup cost is slightly more than in automatic coffee machines with per cup pricing ranging from R2.00 – R4.00 per cup


It is very important when considering an office coffee solution, to take into account not only the rental or start-up costs of the coffee machine itself but also the cost of the coffee which that particular system will use.