Office Water Cooler Sizing: How to Choose the Right Size Cooler for Your Office

Woman drinking clean water from an office water cooler

So you’re adding a new water cooler to the office space. If this is the first time you’re doing it, welcome to the club! Your employees are about to reap the many health benefits of a steady, clean water supply. If you’ve already got one or more coolers in the space, you might be wondering about whether they are the ideal size for the space. In a bid to alleviate any concerns, we’ve crafted this handy guide to help. It will cover everything you need to know to choose the correctly sized cooler for the office, along with pointing you in the right direction for where to look for when you want to get your hands on another one. 

Get the Water Cooler Type Right First

Before you start thinking about the size of the cooler, make sure you’ve got the correct type for your needs first. There are two primary types of water coolers on the market for you to choose from. Bottleless coolers plug directly into the main water supply line in the office. Bottled coolers require purified water bottles that are bought separately. The former is great for reducing the amount of admin related to maintaining the coolers. The latter helps with limiting the amount of water consumed in the office, primarily in a bid to follow the budget, rather than denying employees at any point. 

Assess the Space You Have

Once you’ve decided between the two types of water coolers, it’s a good idea to assess the space that you’re working with in the office. If it’s a relatively small setup, you may want to decide on a few spots where the cooler could go, with exact measurements to make it easier to focus on the models that fit the specs. You may even find that there are extra spots where water coolers could come in handy, like boardrooms, in open plan departments or simply in reception. Do a thorough assessment and see where you land. From there, choosing the best fit will be easier than you might think. 

Employees in a professional office setting

Factoring in the Team and Foot Traffic

Once you’ve decided on the type and the space you want to place the cooler in, factor in the size of the team you are working with. A larger sized cooler is ideal for offices where there is ample space and a need to cater to a big group of people every day. The same goes for the amount of visitors you typically have at the office. If there is a lot of foot traffic, bank on a larger size to get the most bang for your buck. At this stage of the process, you should now have a clear idea about which range and models you should be considering. 

A Wide Range of Options to Choose From

At Aquazania, we believe in supplying offices around South Africa with the best water coolers on the market. Our bottled and bottleless solutions come in a variety of different sizes and can be tailored to the needs of your business. We can even help with providing bottled water if you have a team that is often out on the road. Best of all, our solutions give you the choice between buying the cooler outright, or opting for a monthly rental. Whatever your budget and whatever the size you decide on, we can make sure that you get exactly what you need, and more.

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