Pending Coffee: A Movement For Mankind

Pending Coffee: A Movement For Mankind

Suspended (or better known as “pending” coffee) has been a social movement gaining great popularity and momentum in the UK and USA of late. This movement, at the very least, has restored some faith in humanity. Let me tell you all about this movement.


What Is Pending Coffee?

Most mornings contain a quick stop off at a coffee shop to grab some caffeine to fuel us for the day. Citizens have taken it upon themselves to start using this time to make the lives of others easier. See, when they order themselves a cup of coffee, they will pay for and order a “pending” or “suspended” coffee. They will still receive their own cuppa and pay for both (or multiple cups) of the coffee they chose. They will then merrily go about their day (hopefully)


People living on the streets, or those who find themselves struggling to find food and something to drink for the day will come into the known “pending” coffee shops, go straight to the counter and ask if there are any pending coffee’s available. The person in need receives an entirely free-of-charge, freshly made cuppa – and have some sort of starting point available to themselves for the day.


Where Did Pending Coffee Start?

According to Wikipedia –John Sweeney, of Ireland, launched a social movement called Suspended Coffees in March 2013, as well as a website dedicated to encouraging businesses around the world to join and support the tradition of a café sospeso. Mr. Sweeney has been featured in numerous publications from around the world, for his efforts in bringing kindness to the forefront. The movement has a following of over a quarter of a million people on social media. In March 2015, Mr. Sweeney gave a TEDx talk on Suspended Coffees and why kindness matters which can be seen here.”


Pending Coffee South Africa

Considering how recently this entire movement came about, and that it is still in it’s infancy globally – I consider South Africa’s current position on the social movement to be somewhat in line. According to – there are, at present, two café’s in Cape Town who partake in this act of kindness on humanity. Where will we see this initiative grow over the coming years?


Have YOU supported this cause- or is this the first time you’re hearing of it? Would you like to get involved?


My thinking is for coffee shops alike to promote this kind of community initiative – especially with our harsh South African winters coming up soon.


You never know what a well timed hot cup of coffee can do for a person in need.


Share your pending coffee stories with us!