Reconditioned vs Refurbished Coffee Machines – What’s The Difference and Which is Better?

Reconditioned vs Refurbished Coffee Machines – What’s The Difference and Which is Better?

Pre-owned or second hand used to be a dirty word. The thought of using something that someone else may have used in the past might not apply to all products, but to help not only save resources, buying a reconditioned coffee machine is a great way to save money on a purchase.

For the most part, buying a used or reconditioned coffee machine is a great way to get a superb coffee maker at an incredibly attractive price.

In most cases, a pre-owned coffee machine might lack some of the bells and whistles of the more expensive, newer models; this isn’t always the case, but it stands to reason that a brand new machine released in the past 6 months is likely to have newer features and technology than a 2 year old machine.

In some cases a second hand machine can be a better option than some lower volume or smaller ‘new’ machines. Whist this isn’t the rule, it can be the case when certain models are available within our stock selection.

Many people are concerned about purchasing a reconditioned machine; where was it used before? Did they take care of the machine? Was it regularly serviced and cleaned?

These are just some of the multitude of questions we receive from customers enquiring about or interested in our range of used espresso machines.


What is a Refurbished Coffee Machine?

Recycling isn’t just a concept applied to bottles and cans. Generally, refurbished machines are equipment that was used as a demo model in s retail store or was returned to the manufacturer. These machines could have had a fair amount of use.

Typically, a refurbished machine is taken apart, rebuilt and parts replaced as needed, repairs, tests and then thoroughly cleansing the equipment.

Refurbished gear will most likely not include the original manufacturer packaging and may not include any non-essential manufacturer-provided accessories. Consumable items included with new equipment (such as water filters or hardness testing strips) will not be included.

Because this equipment is used, there may be aesthetic or cosmetic blemishes that cannot be repaired during refurbishment.


What is a Reconditioned Coffee Machine?

Reconditioned items have undergone more extensive testing/repair prior to re-sale. They are a little less risky in purchase – and may even have had any aesthetic damage repaired. Reconditioned machines will also typically have had their component’s given the once-over prior to sale, so while the two terms – “Reconditioned” and “Refurbished” are very similar – they might have undergone either a more or less extensive repair process.

While there is no sure-fire way to determine the condition of a machine from first glance, it is always a good idea that if you are buying a second hand machine – whether it be reconditioned or refurbished – you try to buy the latest available model of that range. The “newer” a second hand coffee machine is the better. Also try to ensure that a supplier who deals with that brand is in easy reach, in case you do experience any issues once you purchase the machine.


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