Refrigerator Water Filters vs. Inline Water Filters vs. Bottled Water

Water that has come from a refrigerator water filter

It’s the battle of the water filter types! When you’re on the lookout for the best filtration system for your office, you may find yourself coming across and considering fridge water filters, inline water filters, as well as good ol’ bottled water. It can be difficult to figure out which one might provide the best solution for your team and workspace. For this reason, we’ve taken the liberty to outline a couple of pros and cons of each, to make it easier on you and the team to get to a final decision. 

Refrigerator Water Filters

Fridge water filters are convenient, especially if you are on the lookout for a new fridge and want to “double up”, so to speak. Because the water filters in fridges are secondary to the main appliance, most people forget that they need to change them from time to time. Convenient as it may be to keep sourcing cold water from the fridge, over time it may lead to a higher likelihood of exposure to dangerous microorganisms. Fridges are not as clean as you may think, especially in a communal setting. Bacteria and dirt may build up and slow the system, which ultimately also affects the quality of the drinking water too. 

Inline Water Filters

An inline water filter refers to one that is fitted under the kitchen sink, primarily attached to the cold water line. The idea is that no water leaves the tap without having been filtered first. As with fridges, there is a replaceable filter cartridge, although because it is more visible, it may leave you more likely to remember to replace it. Inline water filters are more affordable than ever, and filter cartridges generally have a lifespan of up to 6 months, even with extensive use. A filter like this may be the perfect investment for your office.

An office worker using bottled water instead of filtered water

Bottled Water

Bottled water is another route you can go, offering a convenient supply of mineral water that the team can use “on the go”. Exposure is reduced as people don’t have to conglomerate towards a central water supply, but naturally there are cons that help to balance the scales a bit. The first is that bottled water can cut into the bottom line quite heavily each month, moreso with small businesses than corporations. Bottled water is made out of plastic bottles, which has an environmental consideration as well. Although great in case of emergency, over time plastic bottles can release harmful chemicals too, so you need the right storage conditions to mitigate this too. 

Expert Advice For The Correct Solution

Although we definitely lean towards inline water filters (as well as bottled and bottleless water cooler solutions), the Aquazania team approaches each business as its own unique entity. When it comes to offering advice for what makes the most sense in your workspace, our assessments don’t come loaded with prejudice. We’ll give you straight talk about the most affordable and fitting solutions for your office, after which you’ll be able to make a decision about the direction you want to go in. At the end of the day, a stream of pure, healthy water is waiting for you and the team on the other side.

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