Review: Jura Impressa Z9 Automatic Coffee Machine Centre

Jura Impressa Z9 Automatic Coffee Machine


The latest offering in the Jura Impressa line of espresso coffee machines is the Jura Impressa Z9 One-Touch. As a super automatic espresso coffee machines, it certainly raises the bar to whole new level. The Z9 showcases Jura’s commitment to only the highest quality coffee with a wide range of features.



The Jura Impressa Z9 focusses on three areas, they ensure that they have made the ultimate in automatic home coffee machine centres – something that will impress you, your guests or your business clients.

  • User friendly operation
  • Superb coffee quality
  • Captivating design


User Friendly Operation

Perfection is for those who demand the finest quality coffee and simple user operation. The Z9 delivers that ultimate automatic espresso coffee machine experience in the comfort of your own home or office. Equipped with a host of advanced features, it brings you a stunningly user-friendly experience for that truly super automatic espresso.

Full-Color TFT Display

Jura’s super-popular full-color TFT display is included with the Impressa Z9 – it’s all there: high-quality graphics, simplified menu options and large easy to read text. Jura strives to deliver an automatic espresso coffee machines that is the most user-friendly overall.

Rotary Dial

The Rotary Dial – akin to a BMW and iPod – is the ultimate simplified control. Just a turn of the dial selects your desired setting and then push the start button to start the journey to amazing super-fast sublime tasting coffee. You can even use it to make fine-tuned adjustments on the fly while the brewing process is still going – giving you the ultimate control over your coffee.

Fully Customizable Programming

The Impressa Z9 comes pre-programmed with a number of drinks including macchiato, cappuccino and café latte – each of which can be quickly and fully adjusted to your taste. Control the brew strength, level of milk foam and also temperature easily, intuitively and without fuss using the the rotary dial and display.


Superb Coffee Quality

The Impressa Z9 easily outperforms nearly all of its competitors on the market, due to it’s commitment to quality espresso with a wide array of internals –  Twin ThermoBlock Boiler System and Aroma + coffee grinder coupled with equally impressive external components like the fine foam milk frother all combine into a deepening appreciation of a quality espresso.

Twin ThermoBlock Boiler System

Most importantly, any espresso coffee machine’s main component is the boiler. The Z9 features one of the most innovative and game-changing boiler designs so far, featuring a  twin ThermoBlock design that eliminates one of the biggest problems faced by the home espresso machine, the inevitable delay between coffee brewing and milk frothing. This design ensures a constant supply of hot water for steaming and brewing with independant temperature control of both boilers for that perfect brew, every time.

Aroma + Coffee Grinder

The Z9 also features a swiss-engineered Aroma+ coffee grinding system and is the signature of Jura’s quality coffee mantra. Even a novice barista understands the important of the coffee grind and even the tiniest changes to granularity settings can bring big changes to the finished espresso taste. The fast and consistent Aroma+ grinder and is easy to dial-in. Also any heat transfer to the beans caused by the grinding process is unnoticeable.

Fine Foam Frother

The latest dual-action milk frothing technology is designed to helps pop any stray bubbles and condense the foam making it extremely dense – providing a rich, creamy consistency with a hint of sweetness.


Captivating Design

Each expertly Swiss engineered and designed Jura machine features some of the highest quality building materials to make your machine be a welcome addition to any home or office area. The Impressa Z9 is really in it’s own class. Its aluminium, corrosion resistant internal frame and satin black plastic case is a wonderful modern piece of design that will fill any area with the rich aroma of espresso.

Aluminum Support

The Jura Impressa Z9 features an all aluminum support frame that is not only sturdy to support the weight of all of the other components but corrosion resistant to last a lifetime.  This specialized frame accomplishes a lot in a very small space and the aluminum construction material keeps the weight down making the machine easy to manage.

External Casing

The Impressa Z9’s external quality piano black plastic wrapping resists scuffs and scratches, is really simple to clean and also protects internals. As with all Jura Machines, the beautiful shape of this machine fits any modern décor and will add an instant executive pop to any home or office.

Espresso WOW!

With its feature-rich, expert Swiss design, and the highest quality components, Jura has set a new gold standard for super automatic espresso in the Impressa Z9 One-Touch TFT Super Automatic Coffee Center. Jura’s dedication to user friendly operation, superb coffee quality and captivating design make this gorgeous espresso one of the best available today.