The Rise of Self-Cleaning Coffee Machines in 2020

The Rise of Self-Cleaning Coffee Machines in 2020

In 2020, very few of us have the time for menial tasks like cleaning a coffee machine, especially if it is stationed at work, where it gets daily use. Wherever we can save a bit of time, in order to focus on important day-to-day tasks, the better. We live in a world where we’re trying to do as much as possible in as short a space of time as possible, hence why products have started to adapt, with design, especially in the coffee industry, leaning towards features that help with saving us time and giving us what we want with as little hassle as possible. Enter the rise of self-cleaning coffee machines. So what are these machines, and what are the benefits of buying one this year?

What is a Self-Cleaning Coffee Machine?

Self-cleaning coffee makers are designed with the added bonus of a self-clean function being included. While this isn’t an overly complicated feature, it requires as little input as possible from you, in order for the machine to remain clean, with all the bells and whistles in tact at all times. These machines only require you to fill the tank with a cleaning mixture, like vinegar and water, and at the press of a button, it does its thing. Mostly, these types of machines have been popular in the commercial market, but more recently we’re seeing this feature trickle into home-use as well. 

The Benefits of a Self-Cleaning Coffee Machine

As mentioned, having a machine with a self-cleaning features allows you to maximise your own efficiency, and time spent doing other things. This also gives you peace of mind about how much time you’ll need to spend maintaining any new machine, as well as the fact that it will in essence be maintaining itself, so you won’t need to worry about an unforeseen breakdown or clogs in the system as a whole. If you use a coffee machine in an environment where it goes through heavy use, a machine with a self-cleaning feature is an absolute must. 

How To Go About Getting a Self-Cleaning Coffee Machine

While there may be commercial options available, you’d be surprised to learn that online retailers only stock a handful of these brands at this stage. When it comes to options in the household ranges, some of the higher-end models of well known brands include the self-cleaning feature, albeit that this is expected, especially considering the price you’re paying. Finding a machine in the mid-to-high range can be somewhat of a challenge, so our suggestion is to speak to an expert about it first. 

Aquaspresso has consultants who will be able to point you in the right direction, especially when it comes to finding a machine that matches your lifestyle and your budget. Renowned as leaders in the coffee machine industry, these guys go above and beyond and even include a rental option on some of their most prolific machines. Whether you’re looking to splurge upfront, or just looking to test a machine that comes with a self-cleaning feature, they’ve got you covered. Now you can focus all your efforts on the things that matter, with less stress about maintaining your equipment at home or at the office.