S.Pellegrino Water: A Brand Review

In our ongoing quest to cover (and uncover) some of the leading premium water brands in the world, earlier this week we stumbled onto one that is relatively less known than some of the others we’ve encountered, namely S.Pellegrino water. Today, we’ll explore how they came to be, the types of products they have available as we head further in to 2020, as well as looking as the overall outlook for the brand moving forward. If you like what you see, we’ll point you in the direction of where to get all your water questions answered, as well as your individual needs met. 

The History of S.Pellegrino

S.Pellegrino is an Italian mineral water brand, with a production plant in Lombardy, Italy. Owned by a company that is part of the Nestlé group since 1997, it produces a small range of products with a large distribution footprint, namely Europe, Australasia, Asia, the Americas and more. Known for their extensive purifying process, which has led to the popularity of their natural sparkling water, the brand has expanded in recent years to include some flavoured options, though this remains a secondary part of their core business. 

Product Showcase for S.Pellegrino

A great portion of the branding for S.Pellegrino refers to the fact that it takes an astonishing 30 years for the water from the Alps to reach their bottles. This is a testament to the time and effort it takes to get the highest quality products directly from a natural source. Currently, S.Pellegrino offers three primary product types, including their popular sparkling mineral water, Essenza Flavoured Mineral Water and a collection of Sparkling Fruit Juice options, meant to compete with the Appletiser brand. A traditional entity, their core focus is on the refinement of a small amount of products based on consumer needs, rather than getting too inventive or creating over the top additional options.

Scouring Their Socials: Latest Brand Happenings

If you think that their lack of product diversity means they are “stuck in their old ways”, think again. In 2019, they launched a young chef competition of all things, encouraging competitors from all over the world to win the title of S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2020. Taking place in New York, the regional winners flew to Milan for the final round and the brand was there in full force. Perhaps, 2020 will be the year that S.Pellegrino branches out their marketing to tap into a more youthful market, especially as they are fairly well established with an older audience. We’ll be keeping a close eye on their socials this year for sure!

Where To Look If You Have Any Water Related Queries

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