Saeco Brand Review

Saeco Brand Review

Saeco is a household name that has been a popular brand for decades. Providing coffee and espresso machines and other appliances to the masses across the world, they’ve made it clear that they are a brand that is here to stay. But how much do you know about the brand itself? Today we’ll explore their history, looking at some of their most notable coffee machines on the market at the moment. We’ll also consider a view towards 2020, looking at some of their activities, which highlights their plans for the coming decade to some extent. Let’s go!

About Saeco

Saeco forms part of the Royal Philips umbrella, and few people know that they are a leading health technology company that primarily focuses on improving consumer health, as well as designing products with an intention towards diagnosis, treatment and home care. They use technology to help their sub-brands, like Saeo, to provide products that provide integrated solutions. 

Saeco, for instance, was the first brand to invent super-automatic espresso machines back in 1985, which disrupted the industry and allowed people more convenient access to the drinks they know and love. With 80 000 employees in over 100 countries, it’s clear that Royal Philips and Saeco are here to stay.

Notable Coffee Machines from Saeco

Saeco has an extensive range of coffee machines to choose from, making it one of the most versatile brands in the industry. Their best-selling coffee machines in South Africa include the Aulika Focus, which retails at around R23 000, while Caffitaly S22 (which comes in red and black), with less bells and whistles and more geared for single-use, will set you back around R4 000. These machines cater to very different markets, but nevertheless have proved popular with consumers, not only due to their competitive prices, but their sleek and modern designs. 

Saeco in 2020 and Beyond

Saeco is always designing with the future in mind, and recent social media activity suggests that there are a couple of interesting new machines set to hit the market in 2020. While the brand has some of its more bankable machines spread across brick and mortar as well as online retailers, it’s clear that they are looking for new ways to expand some of their more unconventional coffee related products and accessories. It will be worth keeping an eye on them as the new year develops, and as they continue on their quest to remain one of the premium coffee machine suppliers in the industry. We’ll be watching with bated breath.

All Your Coffee Questions Answered

Whether you’re looking for a Saeco product, or you have a couple of questions about buying a new coffee machines, it makes sense to speak to an expert about it before you make a purchasing decision. Aquaspresso is flexible in how they work with their clients, focusing on their individual needs over and above selling only higher-end stock. They have a nationwide number you can use to reach them, with delivery in all major cities. If you’re looking for a good deal, or peace of mind around your next purchase, get in touch with them via their website. Good luck!