Saeco Coffee Vending Machines Review: All Models Discussed

Saeco Coffee Vending Machine Review

Vending machines, as we already know, are exceptionally well-suited for high-traffic areas where coffee-on-tap is a necessity. They can produce high-quality coffee in a fraction of the time it would take to manually make coffee, or even in comparison to automatic bean-to-cup machines. They are ideal for area’s where strangers may need to operate the machines, as their easy one-touch display makes it user-friendly. Saeco is synonymous with quality and below we lay out their various machines.

Office Coffee Vending Solutions:saeco vending free standing

For your smaller to medium sized offices, the Saeco Ambra and Saeco Royal Office may be taken into consideration. They are compact, good-looking and most importantly, dispense above-par espresso’s, along with piping hot water to allow for the making of tea’s. It is reliable and extremely-user friendly, which means it is also suited to lighter traffic area’s and area’s that may require “new” users to operate it.
Table Top Coffee Machine Solution Range:

Phedraespresso: Instant / TTT:

Quick breakdown: TTT stands for TwinTasteTech, which, in layman’s terms, is a functionality that allows for filter-paperless coffee and Espresso. This little semi-automatic beaut can produce 8 different varieties of hot beverages and comes in three variants: The Espresso, Instant Vending and TTT. It’s well suited to smaller spaces and can fit neatly and comfortably into smaller spaces.

Rubino 200Espresso:

The first thing you notice is the cute little bean hopper on top of this machine, which instantly promises a satisfying, quality cuppa Joe. It also dispenses 8 variants and is fully automatic. Also recommended for smaller-to-medium sized spaces.

Rubino 200TTT:

One more step-up from the 200Espresso, the TTT (TwinTasteTech) range dispenses paperless, freshly-brewed coffee and Espresso and is also fully automatic. It can be fitted with a payment system to regulate consumption and it features a fancy little direct access keypad.

Carthego TT:

Well helloooooo there! You’ve got my attention! Touch screen paired with flexibility in that it can be used as a free standing, table-top machine as well as a Combination Hot Beverage, Cold Beverage & Snack Dispenser. It is fully automated, offers twice the amount of variants as the other machines (16 variants in total) and is also available in Espresso and Instant models. It is especially well suited to your medium to larger sized spaces.

FreeStanding Hot Beverage Machines:

Cristallo 400 Gran Gusto:

Ooh la la, I can’t even say this without an accent! If it’s genuine Italian Espresso you’re after, look no further. This can be attributed to the Gran Gusto Technology and the brewing unit which incorporated hydraulics (don’t worry – your machine is not going to start bouncing up and down like a car) which assures you of a cuppa that contains a thicker and consistent crema (this is the fancy term for the cream at the top of your beverage or the froth inside it). It has five containers and four extra beverage choices.

Cristallo 400:

Completely automatic, this vending machine is specifically designed to reduce maintenance and service issues. Offering twelve beverage variations, this user-friendly machine can also be easily converted into the Corallo 1700 with a slave and master conversion kit.

Atlante Evo 700 1M / 2M / Instant / TTT:

The new Saeco Evo Line boasts aluminium inlays, updated and modern graphics and a colour display.

Atlante Evo 700:

Also bearing the Gran Gusto technology, a pure Italian Espresso can be produced with a meagre 6 grams of ground coffee. This wonder offers sixty beverage variations and further boasts a rotating plate system, suiting it better to your larger spaces. It can be combined with the Aliseo Evo freestanding machine to vend snacks, as well. It comes in variants of Espresso with a double grinder and boiler, single grinder and double boiler as well as Instant.

Atlante 500 EVO 1M / 2M / Instant / TTT:

Also boasting Gran Gusto Technology, this machine offers thirty-nine beverage variations and can brew the perfect Italian Espresso with the same minimal amount of 6 grams of ground coffee. The nifty little LED lighting systems aides in reducing electricity requirements. Let’s also note that it has a cup capacity of 550 cups. It also features the Rotating Plate System as highlighted above; this machine will work well in a medium sized requirement.

Cristallo 600 Gran Gusto:

Incorporating the successful Gran Gusto technology, brewing unit and hydraulics – a more consistent crema (as mentioned under the Cristallo 400 Gran Gusto) is attainable with the minimal 6 gram coffee input. Also, being combinable with kits allows for the machine to transform into a multifunctional machine. A good bet for your medium sized requirements again.

Cristallo 600:

Simplistic quality is highlighted here. The fully automatic vending machine offers quality Espresso’s and ensures the lowest maintenance and service requirements possible. User friendly yet technologically advanced, it dispenses sixteen beverage variations and can be converted into a multifunctional device with the Corallo 1830 kit.

FreeStanding Hot Beverage Capsule Coffee Machines:saeco table top image

Can I please just categorically state that I am already blown away by this? Cool. As you were.

Atlante Evo 700 Cap Bean Machine:

These machines are one-of –a-kind in that they use capsule coffee pods to produce out-of-this world coffee. This specific machine contains a capsule container, a capsule blend, a coffee bean canister, five powder containers (four on the main plate and a further one on a “revolving support”), an external sugar container, an option of two or three mixer varieties plus a “tea spiral” (allowing for even greater varieties) and lastly, but (in my opinion) most importantly, two brewing units: one for capsules and one for beans. Honestly, could you ask for more? If you did, I think you would be asking for the extraordinary.
If you’re wondering where the 700 comes form, it is this machine’s cup production capacity. This remains the same throughout the Cap Bean range.

Atlante Evo 500 Cap Bean Machine:

This beauty is a variation of the Evo 700 and the main differences lie in that it holds four powder containers (three on the main plate and one on a revolving support) as opposed to the Evo 700’s five, and it holds the option for two mixers or one mixer.

Cristallo Evo 600 Capsule Machine:

It may look a little different but let’s not go underestimating the power of this machine. It has a much higher capsule holding capacity and can do everything the Evo 700 and 600 can do, but has a production capacity of 600 cups per day.

Cristallo Evo 400 Capsule:

A lookalike beauty of the Cristallo Evo 600, she can do it all and her only limitation is the 400 cups she can produce daily.

In Summary:

Saeco’s futuristic technologies allow for much more freedom than granted by your average vending machine. Their impressive combinable master-and-slave interchangeable technology means that you are never restricted or limited to one type of machine. Caffitaly is recommended as the consumable input of choice and once you have decided what suits your staff complement, area size or usability best, the choices are easy. Italian guaranteed quality, flexibility; innovation and quality design combine to give you the best vending solutions Italy has to offer. To view the official website please view Philips Saeco Homepage.

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