Saeco Minuto Review

Saeco Minuto Review

A quick translation reveals that this little machine is aptly dubbed “Minute”. English enthusiasts like myself would have a big debate as to whether Saeco intended for this translation to fall into the category of a time-related minute, or the diminutive “minute”. It works pretty fast, and it’s quite small – so we will leave that verdict up to you 🙂 I must say – when this little beauty made it’s way into our office kitchen – I fought my way to be first to test her out…


Home Coffee Machines

Straight up and off the bat – you don’t want to use this machine in a high-traffic area. Whether it’s an office, a school or reception area. Why? It’s small and it only uses high-quality ingredients. Cost-control and high-volume consumption are going to become a problem. Now that we’ve got that out of the way – if you are a small office or a home owner who doesn’t mind spending a little bit extra on this piece of art – you are in for a treat.


Compact Coffee Machine

Sometimes size does count. Standing at 32 cm’s high, this compact coffee creator commands attention – not space. Don’t let it’s demure size fool you though. It can make an impressive range of 7 drinks, including our staple favourites – Fresh Milk Cappuccino and Espresso. With a milk frother at the ready, you can be sure of a creamy, delightful cappuccino in less than a minute.


Coffee Machine Memory

This is not a prompt to drift back to an idyllic moment in your life where you remember sipping on a superb cup of coffee somewhere exotic. No, it’s actually an amazing feature of the Saeco Minuto. It literally stores your favourite coffee strength to it’s memory. That is one incredibly handy feature! Don’t worry though- this feature is fully adjustable at any time, and can even be overridden. This comes in especially handy if you have a very specific coffee strength preference.


Grinder Settings


As we know, it is rare to find a coffee machine that can grind your coffee beans into various sizes. This little piece of work can do that – 5 times over! No more guess work when it comes to grinding the perfect level of coffee for a rich Espresso. A word of warning – don’t try sneak a cup of coffee in at midnight. The grinder on this machine can be a little noisy (a small price to pay when you have this kind of quality coffee at your fingertips). You’ll also need a very specific supplier-manufactured wrench to manually adjust your grinder level.


Coffee Machine Maintenance

You can see Saeco put a lot of thinking into this. From the Menu Button on the home screen, you can do pretty much all your own maintenance. You can perform a deep clean, de-calcify your machine and manually override filter settings.


Personalised Coffee

You’d think after having read through the above, that’s all there is to know about the machine. You’re wrong 🙂 You can personalise your own cup of coffee, from the coffee strength, water temperature selection (I hear a collective sigh of relief from those of us who just never seem to be able to get a hot-enough coffee), you can alternate cup sizes and also put your machine into energy-saver mode, meaning it will automatically switch off if it is dormant for 15, 30, 60 or 180 minutes.


To Saeco or not to Saeco?That is the question

So, we’ve already established that this Bean-to-Cup coffee machine is geared more towards home use, and for those of us who appreciate being able to produce a personalised, high-quality cup of coffee and know our crema from our froth. If you’re a casual drinker, have no qualms with instant coffee or are simply looking for a quick and easy machine – consider your other options first.

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