Saeco Phedra Evo vs Seaco Rubino 200 – The Office Coffee Captains

Saeco Phedra Evo vs Seaco Rubino 200 – The Office Coffee Captains

Office coffee Vending machines have been around as long as, well, offices. They come in all shapes and sizes, offer different types of coffee drinks, have vastly different aesthetics and range hugely in pricing.

The Saeco Phedra Evo and Rubino 200 are some of Saeco’s best offerings when it comes to office coffee vending machines, and we’ll be comparing the two closely, to help you decide which one will ultimately fit your offices needs the most.


Saeco Phedra Evo Overview

“The biggest advantage to this system (for me, at least) is the duality of being allowed the freedom to make use of both powdered or fresh milk, as well as freshly ground coffee beans or instant beverages. This lends the opportunity to satisfy visiting clients who are coffee connoisseurs, as well as day today staff who may enjoy a hot chocolate now and then, it can assist in reducing costs by restricting which products are added for daily use, without compromising on machine quality or functionality.

Another great advantage has to be the ability to dispense hot chocolate from this machine; it is a rarely spotted feature in bean-to-cup machines, and one we tend to love!

As for the disadvantages, the biggest downfall is likely the small size of the internally housed water tank. Coming in at only 1.8 litres, it might leave you wanting more from it, considering the usage it is expected to undergo. If you do have the existing infrastructure to plumb your coffee machine in, you win! That being said, if you do have the required plumbing that is accessible in the area you wish to use the machine in, or if you are happy to refill the water tank often – there’s not much fault we can find!

In overview, this machine is excellently suited to an office which requires a plug-and-play solution, has existing plumbing that can be used within the machine and is looking for a dual-purpose machine. The aesthetic of the machine is modern and easy to understand, and while some might consider the limitations of the machine as a deciding factor, it is a well-rounded solution. It can be applied in numerous settings, such as reception, pause areas and even a boardroom setting.”
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Saeco Rubino 200 Overview

“A fully-automatic coffee vending machine that suits your busy office environment seems to be a very accurate brief on the Rubino; however, our biggest downfall in this machine is the absence of a water tank. You will simply require access to plumbing infrastructure – so while it’s not the end of the world – it is a consideration you’ll need to make if you opt for this machine.

The biggest advantages have to be the extensive list of drink options; it’s safe to say that all your office coffee needs will be net – barring the connoisseur who drinks nothing but fresh milk type drinks, as this machine makes use solely of powdered milk.”

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Saeco Phedra Evo vs Seaco Rubino 200

Now that we’ve seen the overviews, it is best to compare the biggest differentiating features between the two machines:


Saeco Phedra EvoSeaco Rubino 200
Pricing – R 50 000.00 Pricing – R 50 000.00 
Drink Types Available – 8 Drink Types Available – 15
Fresh Milk – Yes Fresh Milk – No 
Powdered Milk – Yes Powdered Milk – Yes 
Instant Coffee – YesInstant Coffee – Yes, only instant
Bean to Cup Coffee – Yes Bean to Cup Coffee – No
Screen Display – LED Colour Screen Display Screen Display – Basic Graphic Display 
Water Tank – 1.8 litre internal tank; option to plumb in Water Tank – no internal tank; only plumbed in solution.
Aesthetic – modern and sleek designAesthetic – modern yet basic design