Schaerer Coffee Club: The Elite Club You Can Be Part Of

Schaerer Coffee Club: The Elite Club You Can Be Part Of

Whether it be the Spur Secret Tribe, the “club” at school that was by invite only and was reserved for none other than the most popular or coolest kinds – we’ve all wanted to be a part of a club, a clique or an inner circle at some or other stage of our lives.

Coffee comes in and does the exact sane things! You might already be, or want to be, in an “exclusive club” that offers you free coffee, free recycling or maintenance services or even an owner of a popular brand of coffee machines that automatically puts you into the category of elite club member.

Schaerer is a little bit of the “same, same but different” school. See, instead of buying any old coffee machine and then becoming a part of a club, which offers support, maintenance and advice – simply buying the Schaerer Coffee Club machine put you in the running.

Schaerer Coffee Club: Automatic Coffee Machine Bliss

This coffee machine has a beautiful, crisp and modern display with it’s touch-screen capability.

Here are some specs that speak for themselves:

  • Daily output of up to 80 beverages per day.
  • Slim build – will fit neatly into a confined area with a modern design.
  • Large beverage variety means everyone stays happy.
  • Fresh milk or milk powder – also possible combined – this is a new technology we have yet to see a predecessor of.
  • Easy to operate and clean, which is great for an office environment where people are busy from sun-up ‘til sun-down.
  • Ideal for the usage in restaurants, hotels, cafés, convenience stores, catering businesses and offices.

Technical Specifications

  • 4.5 l drinking water tank with level sensor.
  • Simple cleaning concept, including CleanIT for milk system.
  • Advertising opportunity (images and animations) on the display.
  • Connection of payment systems via MDB interface.
  • Milk Smart milk system for the automatic preparation of coffee-and-milk specialities.
  • Optional: Powersteam for manual milk foaming for a “barista feeling”.
  • Extension with a second grinder for a larger beverage variety.
  • Mobile use possible thanks to tank and mains water solution.

Watch the Schaerer Coffee Club full review right here!

Schaerer Coffee Club – Operating

The Coffee Club user interface relies on easy, fun operation. By swiping vertically over the screen, you can access all the stored coffee specialities directly with one swipe. Once the beverage has been selected, an animated

display shows the current status of the preparation process.

Everyone using the coffee machine can customise the beverage size, flavour intensity, milk and milk foam quantity with just a few simple touches on the TouchIT display, thereby creating their – or their guest’s – own favourite coffee. You can even operate the machine directly from your smartphone with our coffeeMYsation app. Simply create your favourite coffee in the app and start the preparation process directly from there. And remember to save the recipe so that it tastes just as good the next time.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Schaerer Coffee Club

The new cleaning concept of the Coffee Club significantly reduces the time needed for cleaning. To conform to the HACCP hygiene analysis, the system cleaning process need only be carried out once per week. The daily switch-off rinsing process also includes the innovative CleanIT function: Connect the milk system to the steam valve, start the programme, finished.

Schaerer Coffee Club Machine Details

  • 7″ TouchIT user interface with vertical “swipe” function.

7 TouchIT user interface with vertical swipe function







  • One grinder and integrated bean hopper for 550 grams of beans.

One grinder and integrated bean hopper for 550 grams of beans







  • SteamIT: A controlled burst of steam for convenient cup heating.

SteamIT A controlled burst of







  • Drinking water tank with 4.5 l capacity and level sensor.

Drinking water tank with 4 point 5 l







  • Integrated grounds container for approx. 30 coffee cakes.

Integrated grounds container for approx 30 coffee cakes







  • The animated user support shows important processes on the display and simplifies operation.

The animated user support








  • Milk Smart milk system for the preparation of premium-quality coffee-and-milk specialities and milk foam.

Milk Smart milk system for the







  • Powder system with integrated 450-gram powder container for an even larger variety of beverages.

Powder system with integrated







  • Second grinder with integrated bean hopper for 550 grams of coffee.

Second grinder with integrated







  • Bean hopper extension for a total capacity of 1100 grams.

Bean hopper extension for a total







  • Powersteam for manual milk heating and foaming.

Powersteam for manual milk







  • Under-counter grounds disposal possible with easy machine modification.

Under-counter grounds disposal possible with easy machine









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