Schaerer Coffee Machines

Schaerer Coffee Machines: Office Automatic Machines

Schaerer coffee machines are one of the leading super automatic coffee machine brands in Switzerland and the world over. The Schaerer bean to cup coffee machine range consists of a selection of domestic and office/commercial models. In this article we will discuss the office range in great detail.

There are 5 coffee machines in the office range.

Schaerer Coffee Prime

The coffee prime is one of Schaefer’s newest auto machines. It is a fully one touch machine (which includes one-touch coffee drinks and one touch cappuccinos). Because of the Primes one touch interface and touch screen technology it is well suited for environments where people whom have never used the machine before will be present – no explanation needed on this machine.

schaerer coffee prime

For a great video demonstration of the Schaerer prime click the link below:

Schaerer Coffee Prime Video

Schaerer Coffee Art

The Schaerer Coffee Art is really a beast of a machine. The Schaerer art is one of the biggest auto machines around and features a double bean hopper system (allowing users to mix and match their own coffee bean blends) and also features a fully one touch coffee system.

The Coffee Art allows the user to choose between its automatic milk frothing function or its manual steamer, which enables one to make latte art identical to that of any traditional restaurant coffee machine. The Art is also super quick – The machine can pump out 350 cups of coffee in only one hour!

schaerer coffee art

To view a detailed video of the operation of the coffee art click here: 

Schaerer Coffee Art Video

Schaerer Coffee Joy

The Schaerer Coffee Joy is one of the smaller machines in the Schaerer range. The Schaerer Joy is also a one touch machine, and offers up to 5 beverage options. The machine is capable of producing up to 50 cups per hour, so not perfect for a large usage area but great for a smaller office

Schaerer Coffee Joy



Schaerer Coffee Vito

The Schaerer Coffee Vito is Schaerers answer to coffee vending machines. The Vito allows one to use powder or fresh milk as well as instant or beans or both. The Vito also enables the user to experience hot chocolate options which is something rarely seen in an automatic coffee machine.

One criticism of the Vito is that it is not a huge machine, and therefore will feel out of place in larger usage areas but for a small or medium size office, the Vito will be right at home.

Schaerer Coffee Vito

Check out the Vito’s funky looks and styling here:

Schaerer Coffee Vito Video

Schaerer Coffee Celebration

The Schaerer Coffee Celebration, is as the name suggests, a real coffee celebration. Never will you see a funkier and crazier looking machine. The Celebration features three hoppers which seem to circle each other allowing for up to three different coffees to be used. Featuring a fully integrated touch screen as well as an optional steaming wand, makes the Celebration, the Rolls Royce of bean to cup automatic coffee machines. If you want a coffee machine to stand out in your office or restaurant, look no further as the Celebration has arrived.

schaerer celebation


The celebration can be seen in action here:

Schaerer Celebration Video


If you are looking for an automatic bean to cup coffee machine and want something that will certainly stand out and be noticed, then Schaerer could be the brand for you. Yes Jura and Saeco are great brands too, but probably neither combines style and functionality quite like a Schaerer coffee machine. To view more info on any of the models above, please view the Swiss website below:

Schaerer International Website