Seltzer: A Comprehensive Brand Review

When it comes to finding a water brand you can trust, it can be a difficult task to navigate the competitive waters of the industry. Seltzer is an established brand that has been a household name to South Africans for many years. Today, we’ll take a closer look at their rise to prominence from humble beginnings, exploring their product range, while also getting a sense as to their relevance as we head into the 2020s.

The Rise of the Seltzer Brand

The name seltzer literally means sparkling water, hence why it is an apt choice for a range of premium carbonated water. Locally, the Seltzer brand has been supplying sparkling water to the market for a couple of decades, providing a fairly small range of overall products and choosing to serve a niche LSM, which usually consisted of affluent middle class families. Dubbed as an alternative to traditional sugary fizzy drinks, the brand solidified itself as a popular choice as South Africa started to adopt a more westernised outlook on health and wellness. Now with a unique range to cater even better to this, the brand continues to grow from strength to strength. 

Available Seltzer Products

The Seltzer brand has gone through a range of product changes over the years, but at its core it is still providing flavoured favourites, albeit now to a much larger mainstream audience. Seltzer’s original range include a host of flavour combinations, including cranberry & raspberry, lemon & lime, naartjie, passion fruit, peach as well as strawberry & lime. These are often used as mixers, and with no artificial sweeteners and preservatives, they look out for your health too. With this in mind, Seltzer lite was introduced to the market in two flavours, with less than 5 calories per 100ml. Their Seltzer Essence range, including three wildcard flavour combinations, is meant to entice the inner hippie in all of us, and has proved popular among a Capetonian audience in particular. 

The Relevance of Water Brands in the 2020’s

Water brands are all the more relevant in the 2020’s, especially as the world looks towards new ways of protecting important resources. Water companies remain very competitive, albeit that there is a new social responsibility expectation from consumers which hinders their efforts to buy. If the brands are not adaptable and flexible, buyers are quick to turn their backs, which is something that most brands are already aware of, like we saw with Seltzer and the introduction of their alternative, healthier ranges of flavoured water. Water remains the #1 resource for our survival, and without fresh, natural supplies, the industry faces future setbacks; this topic is hot on the lips of suppliers across the world, especially with the rise of social media activism. 

Finding The Right Water Solutions For You

If you’re looking for a carbonated water solution, or even feel that it might be time to get a fixed water solution in your home or office, Aquazania is a good place to reach out to. With years of reputable service in the industry, they are experts in the field and are more than happy to advise you based on your individual needs, before you make any kind of buying decision. Educate yourself about Seltzer and other water brands out there, exploring some of the healthier options when it comes to flavoured or carbonated water, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier way of life before you know it. 

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