Shopping Second-Hand: How to Choose a Refurbished Coffee Machine

Shopping Second-Hand: How to Choose a Refurbished Coffee Machine

Buying a pre-loved item, whether it be a car, an appliance such as a TV or gaming console or even a coffee machine comes with the need to do proper research; this will help ensure you’re not getting the short end of the stick, or find out the same months down the line.

There are the obvious considerations to make, such as the condition of the machine, the year, model and “mileage” – i.e. – how many cups of coffee it’s made in its lifetime.

Let’s see what other aspects to consider before purchasing a refurbished coffee machine:

Refurbished Coffee Machines

By definition, refurbished products are items that for one reason or another, may have been defective and were returned to the manufacturer, then had parts or mechanisms replaced or repaired, then tested, and are then re-sold to the public again.

Products are mostly electronic in nature and include computers, stereo systems, televisions, and many other appliances, including coffee makers. It can be tricky to gauge the outcome of the product because “issues” with the product run the gamut from functioning flaws to simply a box that it came in being slightly damaged, and that’s what trips up would-be consumers.

Why refurbished machines, though? Coffee machines are built to be durable. While regular use of a coffee machine may result in wear and coffee stains, the machine will still function as well as it did when it was new. Fortunately, for people looking to buy used coffee machines, most used machines available for sale are in pristine condition and won’t even require heavy cleaning. In fact, many used coffee machines for sale are from users who received the machine as a gift or simply don’t drink as much coffee as they thought they would. These machines are not only in great condition, but they are significantly cheaper than brand new, unused coffee machines. Serious coffee drinkers can save money and get a machine with more functions or of a higher quality when they shop used coffee machines.

Refurbished vs Reconditioned

Both terms are very similar but cannot be used interchangeably because of one difference: levels of testing. Reconditioned and refurbished items have both been bought originally and returned for reasons of faulty operation. However, reconditioned items have undergone more extensive testing/repair prior to re-sale. They are a little less risky in purchase.

That being said, whenever possible, look for the terms “Factory Refurbished” which is a good indicator that certain “industry standard” criteria is met when the product is tested out before being repackaged. With a more independent seller or contractor working out of an in-house environment, you’re chancing it; the work may be up to snuff, but without the label of a “factory approved” environment, you’d have no grounds for recourse in the event of ending up with a dud.

When buying a refurbished coffee machine, consider the blow points:

  • Be informed of warranty information and read all the terms carefully.
  • If you discover “All sales are final” or “Sold as is” within the labelling; move on. Not worth taking a chance on. Although refurbished merchandise warranties are shorter in time spans, they should be present, nevertheless.
  • Contains a plausible return policy indicated within labelling or product information page.

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