Should I Buy a Water Cooler This Year?

You may have been pondering the question of whether you should be buying a water cooler this year at the turn of the new decade. “New year, new you” mantra aside, getting healthier and finding ways to better look after ourselves has become even more crucial in modern day life, especially as we’re inundated with challenges and stressors as we go about daily life, rarely stopping to smell the roses. Ensuring that you are drinking clean, purified water is not only good for your health, but can also be seen as an act of self care. Being more mindful of your body and energy levels is the first step towards practicing better self care, and buying a water cooler can be an easy way to put your on your way as you go about the journey. Let’s discuss some of the other reasons why it’s a good idea to buy a water cooler this year.

– It’s Never Been More Affordable To Own One

Bottled water coolers start from as little as R4500, and when you water bottles in bulk, you may even be eligible for additional discounts from your supplier. That said, you can save even more if you factor in that many providers now offer water cooler rentals, with some starting from as little as R75 per month. Do some research and explore the most reputable brands before committing to this, but see it as an easy way to keep your pockets happy, while gaining access to something greatly beneficial to your health as well. 

– Keep Your Doctor Happy, While Seeing Them Less

We can all do with consuming a little bit more water during the day. Doctor’s want us to get our eight glasses a day in, and this can be tricky, especially if you’re forced to drink from the tap and with little knowledge of the harmful substances present in the water. Drinking purified water is a surefire way to improve your health, which will keep you in good stead with your doctor, even though you’ll likely be seeing them a lot less for issues like getting a cold, or general fatigue. 

– Peace of Mind

When you buy a bottled or bottleless water cooler solution, you have peace of mind that you’re drinking high quality, uncontaminated water all the time. This not only leads to reduced stress, but means that your loved ones around you will experience the same. A water cooler takes away the element of fear and doubt around what you’re putting into your body, which as we discussed can have tremendous health benefits to you in the long run. Stop worrying about each glass from the tap, and consider a water cooler solution today. 

– Water Specialists Are Always On Hand

In 2020, companies like Aquazania are on hand around the clock to help you when it comes to any decision related to your water consumption. There has never been a better time to prioritise your wellbeing and to be sure about the water you’re consuming, which can now be done while being directly plugged into experts in the field at all time. These guys can help to suggest new products, give you further insights into purified water, as well as offer you new deals on rentals and other purchases. It will feel like you’re adding a new friend to your contact list; one that helps you to reach your health goals and gives you a fresh perspective when you need it. Enjoy the ride!

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