Siemens Coffee Machines: A Brand Review

Siemens is a well known appliance brand that has achieved recognition for its products all over the world. The company might not always be front of mind when it comes to coffee machines, but few people are aware of some of the hidden gems in their product catalogue that make them somewhat of an underdog in the industry. Not one to count anyone out, we decided to take a look at the brand as a whole, considering some of their trademark machines, which interestingly enough, seem to fall on two completely different spectrums of the scale. 

The Siemens Brand: Appliances and Beyond

To really dig into the Siemens brand means taking a look at their story so far. Headquartered in Munich in Germany, the company was first started back in 1847 in Berlin by two gentlemen called Werner von Siemens and Johann Georg Halske. Today, the brand boasts being the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe, and now has offices scattered all over the globe. Their approach is typically very research driven, which shows in their subtle innovations from model to model. Siemens has two distinctive coffee machine types that are popular, and that we’d like to dig into a little today. Their standalone (mid-range) bean-to-cup machines, as well as their built-in (high-end) automatic coffee machines. 

Standalone Bean-to-Cup… Specialists?

It might be a bit of a stretch to call anyone a bean-to-cup specialist, but with the range of Siemens machines on offer, this might well be the case. They offer something different to the entry-level models of other brands through what they call the EQ range. These machines are easy to use, environmentally friendly, compact and simple to clean. What sets them apart is their ability for personalisation, which is typically rather uncommon for “lower end” machines. You usually have to fork out a pretty penny to be able to have access to personalisation features, and Siemens has been ahead of the game in this regard, offering the everyday coffee drink the opportunity for an exceptional (and predictable) experience with every cup. 

Catering To The High-End Market

On the other side of the spectrum, Siemens also sells popular high-end machines which you don’t typically see with all the household brands. These spectacularly beautiful fully automatic built-in bean-to-cup coffee machines are sleek, fashionable and complement any broader kitchen design chasing after a modern and minimalistic feel. It looks even better alongside some of Siemens’ other appliances, which is what tempts many wealthy homeowners to buy these as a “set” to suit a greater overall design idea. If you’ve got the money to spend, a built in coffee machine is never going to look unappealing in the kitchen. 

Where To Look When You’re Exploring Your Options

Whether you’re after an entry-level Siemens coffee machine, or have your sights set on something a bit more adventurous, it helps to get some advice from an expert to help you make the best decision based on your actual needs. Aquaspresso has years of experience servicing households and offices with the best coffee machines in town, and if you’re out to explore your options, they could be a great place to start. They’re open to point you in the right direction even if they can’t physically help you with the make or model you’re looking for. Talk about having a commitment to coffee, right?