Siemens vs. Jura Coffee Machines: A 2021 Review

Coffee has never been a more important part of our daily routines. Sure, it’s always been a special part of a work day. But in 2021, and as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, the coffee we make at home has been like a warm hug at the start of what has been a lot of days of great uncertainty. As the world holds its breath relative to the rollout and approval of a viable vaccine, we’re certainly going to need a lot more cups of coffee to face the challenges presented by working from home, changing work schedules, or perhaps even spending more time in lockdown. You might as well brush up a bit on some of the popular coffee brands out in the market. Today, we’ll touch on two you’ll likely have encountered before — namely Jura, and Siemens. Who comes out on top based on the current needs of the market?

The Jura Way

Jura has long been a trusted coffee machine brand that caters to people from all walks of life. Their range of machines are well known for guaranteeing not only great taste, but a good experience too. We’ve long been big fans of their automatic coffee machine ranges, which tend to be slightly more on the affordable side relative to competitor brands and models with the same (or similar) specifications. Jura’s machines look even better when Roger Federer shows up in their marketing campaigns, but we’re looking for practical (and not just aesthetic) excellence. Their machines are designed for simple cleaning and descaling, which is always going to be a winner in our books. 

More About Siemens

Siemens might be one of the biggest appliance brands in the world, but their coffee machines tend to take a bit of a backseat in the minds of consumers. The company has years of experience in stocking up home with necessary appliances, and the amount of research they do before releasing a new product is nothing short of staggering. We love their automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines, which are designed for personalisation, and while their high-end machines are costly, they are well worth exploring if your home is already filled with other products from the same brand. The question is: do these two types of coffee machines make them more accessible to the market in 2021, given the needs of consumers? 

Checking in with Consumer Needs

We can’t drop a bomb like that and not touch on what consumers might need in 2021. First and foremost, as we’re in a global economic downturn, affordable pricing is a must. Jura has always offered competitive pricing, and typically given more “bang for your back” based on the features on even the most entry level of their coffee machine ranges. The F8 is the epitome of a machine that is priced well enough to reach as many consumers as possible, although it comes with many bells and whistles. While Siemens has a great range of machines, Jura’s variety does give the average family  little more options to keep in mind. On the grounds of affordability and product options, it’s clear that one brand takes the cake relative to the needs of the world in the new year. 

And The Winner Is…

Jura is a worthy winner in our brand battle today, mostly because they are better set up in terms of their product selection, which caters best to the unique situation where the world is transitioning from pandemic life through to a post-pandemic world. Better yet, if the pockets of South Africans will still be tight for a while, innovative businesses like Aquaspresso have gone out of their way to offer rental options to make it easier to get that all-important cup of coffee to start your day in 2021. They only stock “tried and tested” Jura coffee machines, and even within their selection, you’ll find a lot of variety to give you the best bang for your buck.