Sprada Coffee Machines – The Future is Now

Sprada Coffee Machines – The Future is Now

When I say Sprada – do you think of Swiss engineering? Chances are that even when I tell you it’s a Swiss brand, you’re likely going to quickly Google it to make sure I’m not bluffing. Sprada is, in fact, one of the top standing Swiss brands available at the moment, and we’re going to be reviewing it’s “Future” range of their coffee machines – the ins, the outs.

Then we’re pitting them up against each other to see who comes out victorious!

Sprada Future Coffee Machine

Sprada Future Coffee Machine
Sprada Future Coffee Machine

We prefer starting with the most-entry level machines, and working our way up. We’re definitely not saying that this machine is basic in any way, but we are saying it’s the founding forefather of the Future range of Sprada Future Coffee Machines.

This fully-automatic Espresso Coffee Machine has a beautiful brushed-chrome finish, a steaming wand for fresh milk drinks, and is capable of using both whole beans as well as pre-ground coffee.

This machine offers variable grind size, and can dispense two cups of Coffee at a time. What’s even better than that? You can select your favourite coffee strength from either 7g, 9g or 11g! The Automatic Stand-by mode is a feature we have previously only seen in the likes of fellow Swiss-manufacturer, Jura, and is now proudly available in the Sprada Future Range.

Yes, the display is minimalist and somewhat “plain” – but if your goal is to have a compact and reliable coffee machine for a small space – that makes it’s impression through coffee rather than appearance – this may just be it.

The 1.9 litre water tank makes it ideal for home or small office use; it is reliable and easy to operate – and is dinky in size – with dimensions of 35 cm (height) x 26 cm (width) x 47 cm (depth).

Sprada Future TS4 Coffee Machine

Sprada Future TS4 Coffee Machine
Sprada Future TS4 Coffee Machine

Sprada has done a bit of refining in this machine, and simplified the process required to make a milk-based drink. The spout is also centralized, but the milk frother now has an attachable plug-in jug, which connects your milk supply easily and without mess – to the steamer.

Sprada describes this machine as one of the most cost-effective small coffee machines – with a big machine capability. You’ll see the user interface layout has been simplified too, with icon-based display.
The 2.2 litre water tank is a small step-up from the “Future” predecessor, this may suit the home user who enjoys entertaining a large group of guests – and may also be better suited to an office environment to the skill-reliant “Future” model.

Not only does the Future TS4 also carry the strength setting as we saw previously in the Sprada Future, but it also allows for temperature and volume control between cups. The thermoblock is what actually sets the machine in a better position – because it saves energy without sacrificing the uniquely South African taste for the ‘extra hot’ coffee. The machine will automatically enter the low power standby mode when not in use.

Sprada Future TX5 Coffee Machine

Sprada Future TX5 Coffee Machine
Sprada Future TX5 Coffee Machine

This is the sibling that gets the better grades and has more friends; undeniably one of the better choices within of the Sprada Future range.

While the exterior of the machine may not be at the forefront of modern design, the magic of this machine truly lies within it’s inner workings.

Eight specialty coffee’s – let me start with that! See, the screen of the Future TX5 has been modernised with it’s cascading screen display, making the selection of the perfect drink a walk-in-the-park. The TX5 also contains an advanced self-cleaning system for milk – especially important in higher temperature climates where soured milk can have devastating effects on the internal systems.

Power-off energy saving mode means no overnight accidental leaving on of the coffee machine – and the last remarkable advancement (other than aesthetic) is evident in the ultra-quiet grinder and the gently tapered design, which allows the machine to blend unobtrusively into the ambience of modern home. Made in Switzerland according to stringent European standards – the TX5, the first choice.

Sprada Future OTC

Sprada Future OTC Coffee Machine
Sprada Future OTC Coffee Machine

“This precision device is guaranteed against manufacturing defect for a period of one year from the date of purchase or until it has made 7500 cups (whichever comes first).” Now that should tell us all we need to know! This machine is gearing up more towards an office usage space – given it’s output capabilities.

The first Sprada Future machine in this range to offer full one-touch capabilities means this baby beast is high up on the ease of use list!

While the machine is pretty much on-par with the TX5, it has a clear upper hand in the following fields:

  • 5 grinder settings
  • Digital text graphics
  • One touch functionality
  • Programmable coffee recipes
  • Automatic water level and bean container monitoring sensors.
  • Automatic rinse function.

OK – where does it fall short? The water tank is one of the smallest – coming in at 1.8 litres (smaller than the 1.9 litre tank on the entry-level “Future”.)

Sprada Future Range: Future VS Future TS4 VS Future TX5 VS Future OTC

We know you’re going to get excited about this – so if you’re looking to purchase a Sprada coffee machine – have a look at Foghound (Sprada South Africa) or on takelaot.com!


  • Price – +/- R 8 995.00
  • Aesthetics – 6/10
  • Ease of Use – 7.5 / 10 – relatively easy
  • Cleaning and Maintenance – Will require weekly deep cleans and a daily wipe-down.


  • Price – +/- R 9500.00
  • Aesthetic – 7/10
  • Ease of Use – 8/10 – very easy
  • Cleaning and Maintenance – Will require daily cleaning.


  • Price – +/- R 11 000.00
  • Aesthetic Score – 8/10
  • Ease of Use Score 8/10 – very easy
  • Cleaning and Maintenance – will require daily cleaning


  • Price – +/- R 11 000.00
  • Aesthetic Score – 9/10
  • Ease of Use 9/10 – exceptionally easy
  • Cleaning and Maintenance – requires daily cleaning and wipe downs daily

*Disclaimer: The prices indicated herein are true and accurate at time of publication. The suppliers may change pricing without prior notice. 

Sprada Accessories to Keep Your Machine At It’s Best

  • Cleaning Tablets – R 199.00
  • Water Filter – R 265.00
  • De-Scaling Tablets – R 199.00