Sprada TX5 Coffee Machine – A 2020 Review

Sprada is known for making bean-to-cup coffee machines that are perfect for the home and office environment. The TX5 is a bestseller in both instances, not only because it is a high quality machine, but because of its additional bells and whistles. Recently part of a special promotion on Takealot, this got us thinking about how it shapes up relative to its more modern competitors. Does the TX5 still have what it takes in 2020? Our review will help to clarify this and more.

First Impressions

First impressions may last, but they don’t have to be held on to. The TX5 looks sleek in silver, but does tend to lean more on the commercial side, possibly even doubling up for what some may mistake for a vending machine model. If you can look past this, the features will set your mind at ease. With programmable options for volume, temperature, strength and milk to foam ration, there’s little that this machine doesn’t do for the casual drinker. The first cup we made was more quiet than you could have anticipated, largely thanks to it’s ultra quiet grinder, which comes equipped with grind coarseness adjustment too. 

Important Features & Specs

FIve star online reviews aside, we wanted to dig a little deeper into the specs to see if they match up to the actual experience. The machine is about 12kg, so if you’re looking to be a little more mobile, this might not be the one to do it with. If you need something that can do a lot in a little bit of time, you’ll be happy to know that the TX5 prepares 8 coffee or milk based drinks at a single touch, with a two cup functionality built in. The water tank is solid, at around 2.2 litre capacity, with a filter option too. The machine does have some added accessories that you might not find in similar models today, and you’ll be happy to know that a 12 month warranty still applies on all new models bought these days.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s one thing to have a coffee machine that does its job relative to preparing great drinks, but before making a call about any machine you’re interested in, knowing more about cleaning and maintenance can save you a lot of headaches. What we like about the TX5 is that it is equipped with three handy modifications to help with this: a self-cleaning milk system, and integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling process, as well as a removable brewing unit, which is great for a deeper clean. The machine does a lot of the work for you, so you won’t have to worry about regular weekend intervals where you’ll be cleaning the machine for a few hours. 

Final Thoughts

Sprada succeeded in a big way with this model, which is still doing its rounds and still a competitive option if you’re looking for a machine that can give you a lot of options, and is easy to maintain. It’s at a point in its life cycle where e-tailers are offering discounts on it, which should be welcomed with open arms. If you have another brand in mind, or you have a question about what you should be taking into account before buying your next machine, getting some expert advice is the right way to go. Give the team from Aquaspresso a call if you think you’re getting closer to making a decision.