Storing Coffee Beans

Storing Coffee Beans

How should I store my coffee beans?  What’s the best place to keep coffee beans ? What’s the best storage method for coffee beans? How long before my coffee beans stale?

Should you freeze it or just refrigerate it? Store it in jars, paper, plastic bags or fancy valve bags?  Does it really matter if it’s whole bean or ground? I mean, come on. How much time do I have before my World’s Best Coffee goes stale…Really?

These are questions that concern most specialty-coffee buyers.

The issue of storage has been greatly clouded by myriad opinions and preferences from a lot of well meaning “experts”.

To me, the bottom line is this; certain conditions do harm to the freshness of your coffee beans. These are the things you hope NOT to expose your World’s Best Coffee Beans to, at least not until the appropriate time!

  • Moisture
  • Air
  • Heat
  • Light

The most direct and simple way to store your coffee beans without breaking any coffee snob commandments is to buy your coffee in small quantities as needed, WHOLE  COFFEE BEANS, and store it in an airtight canister (ceramic is best) or vacuum canister, in a cool shady spot, possibly on the counter or in the cupboard (could it be that simple?)

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