Tap Water in South Africa — Is it Safe to Drink?

A man pouring a glass of tap water

With up to 60% of the human body being made up of water, it’s safe to say that it is one of the most important resources we can consume during our lifetimes. Our bodies need it to survive, and having access to a steady source of clean drinking water can mean the difference between overall good health and feeling poorly more regularly. Getting it from the tap is the most common way that most South Africans consume water every day. But is our tap water safe to drink? Today, we’ll delve into this, as well as providing alternative options should you wish to go in another direction. 

SAFETY Depending on the Area

A short answer to the question of whether tap water in the country is safe is yes, generally, although it largely depends on the area. In urban areas, the supply is safe for drinking and cooking, although as we’ve seen in the news, it can still be prone to contamination from time to time. Rural areas have a harder time securing a steady supply of clean water, so more precautions have to be taken before using it. In these areas, people are far more likely to drink contaminated water, leading to health problems. 

Which City Has The Best Water?

A recent study suggests that Cape Town is one of only twelve cities where it is very safe to drink the water supply. That’s not to say that Johannesburg and Durban are lagging behind. In many cases, the local municipality is responsible for taking care of supplying clean water to citizens. Although there are promises made for this to happen, it cannot always be guaranteed. We’re effectively taking a risk every time we use and ingest tap water, especially in underdeveloped parts of cities and places that are prone to shortages. 

No Guarantees: Associated Risks

As we’ve mentioned, you can never be sure exactly where the tap water you are drinking is coming from. Contamination will not always be made public either. First world countries have stronger regulations in place, but the general consensus is that the water might be clean, but it doesn’t contain all the minerals it needs. e. Coli or salmonella are two very serious bacteria that can give a person flu-like symptoms as well as inducing vomiting, diarrhoea and cramps. During a global pandemic, the symptoms may add extra stress, as at first it might be assumed to be COVID-19.

GETTING Essential Minerals From Purified Water

At Aquazania, we’re committed to providing the best purified water to homes and offices alike. Our bottled and bottleless water cooler solutions go through a rigorous purification and testing process, resulting in every single drop of it being as contaminant-free as possible. It is a great alternative if you’re looking to add extra essential minerals into your body too. Tap water might be safe to drink, but it always leaves you open to exposure to bacteria. For added peace of mind and to help encourage good health along the way, try a purified water solution instead.

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