The Best Bottled Water Cooler Suppliers in 2021

The second wave of the coronavirus has shown us that the pandemic is far from over. If you’re a business owner who still has to keep the wheels turning at the office, the health and safety of your staff should be one of your top priorities moving forward. Aside from having sanitising stations, and making sure there are distancing rules in place, caring for the holistic health of the team involves also looking at the ways in which you can help everyone maintain good physical and mental health. Having access to (always) clean drinking water is one of the ways that can give physical health a boost, especially when you can offer peace of mind about the quality of the water itself. One way to do so, is to buy a bottled water cooler. But where is your best bet to do so in South Africa in 2021?

Why Bottled Water Coolers Are In Demand This Year

With more and more businesses looking at ways to improve conditions in the office to mitigate any risk of exposure to the virus, bottled water coolers are increasing in demand. Looking after the team goes beyond just protecting employees from COVID-19, and includes preventing them from getting ill in other ways too. A healthy workplace encourages productivity and also boosts morale in a time when everyone is feeling anxious and stressed about the uncertainties of the pandemic. By bringing a water cooler (or a few) into the workplace, you’re not only saying that you care about the health of your employees, but that you also want them to continue to take good care of themselves. 


When it comes to offering the best bottled water cooler options in South Africa, Aquazania is a frontrunner in the market. They not only get major props for over 60 years of refining their products, but also for the fact that they were one of the quickest responders to the coronavirus pandemic, offering an information section on their website faster than their competitors. Their bottled water solutions go through extensive purification processes, and are some of the best models on the market today. You might even be tempted to dabble into their bottleless solutions as well, which are still highly affordable whether you look at purchasing, or renting the machine. 

The Water Cooler Company

The Water Cooler Company is another option to consider when you’re on the hunt for a bottle water cooler in South Africa. Their website might look a little bit dated, but this shouldn’t deter you from a great selection of coolers and great customer service to boot. They tend to focus on selling coolers to home environments, but have been known to supply office building too. Located in Cape Town, their warehouse offers floor standing and countertop solutions with delivery across the country. If you’re keen on supporting a family owned business, especially in the pandemic when it is harder for these guys to stay afloat, this might be a good choice. 

Crystal Coolers

Last but not least, you can explore Crystal Coolers before you buy your next bottled water cooler. These guys promote the fact that they want their users to think about leading a healthier lifestyle that goes above and beyond just buying a water cooler. It’s a great start in the process, and they like encouraging people to get curious about other ways to improve their overall health too. We love their blog section, which has covered topics around how water filters work, touched on if fountain water is the same as tap water, and much else. The company has branches in Durban, Johannesburg and Richards Bay. Here’s to you finding what you need in no time at all. 

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