The Best Bottled Water Suppliers in Cape Town

When it comes to finding a good bottled water supplier for your business in Cape Town, you may have gotten stuck at the wide range of options available. It can be overwhelming to deal with quotes from a host of providers, without really knowing about which are the best when it comes to delivering a high quality product, while also providing good enough customer service to ensure you are a repeat customer. Today, we’ll explore three of the best bottled water suppliers in Cape Town that won’t let you down with either. 

The Practical Nature of Bottled Water

Bottled water is underrated in the corporate world, especially as the nature of work has become more “on the go” in the wake of COVID-19 and changes to the way businesses run their operations. Having bottled water has moved beyond just a practical consideration of making a good impression for a meeting, to becoming a staple consideration when keeping the health and wellbeing of employees front of mind. Employers need to do everything they can to ensure that their employees are taken care of be it at the office under more stringent health regulations, or when they are travelling and taking meetings out on the road in relatively uncertain new circumstances. 

Infinity Air Waters

If you’re looking to find a good supplier in the Western Cape, Infinity Air Waters is a good place to start. Located in the Stellenbosch region, the company filters and treats its water with ultraviolet light before passing it through the hands of their artisans. Who said Stellenbosch has only got to be famous for its wine? Infinity Air Water sells cases of 12 or 24, distributed via wooden crates and cardboard boxes in sizes ranging from 440ml through to 750ml. Their online ordering system is easy to use and they are a good option to keep in mind if you’re looking for a quick turnaround time for delivery.

Designer Water

Designer Water is another great company to keep in mind when you’re looking to buy bottled water for the office. The company has a specialist range of alkaline water options to help people raise their energy levels and to give them access to essential nutrients and minerals. Thebrand has stringent health and safety practices in place, which were established well before COVID-19 showed up in the world. While some consumers may be naysayers regarding alkaline water, whether you believe in its health benefits or not, Designer Water offers a bottled water solution that is well packaged, decently priced and offered alongside service with a smile. 


Aquazania is so well established in the industry that they have operations spanning Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. If you’re looking for a well rounded solution to provide bottled water or other variants that may be useful in an office environment, they could be the perfect fit for you. The company continues to be an industry leader in terms of the innovations they bring to their business, which includes offering water cooler rentals as part of their business model. This was handy to companies with limited budgets before the pandemic set in, and is even more handy now that we’re living in a new normal. Aquazania only employs experts, and is a good place to start your journey towards creating a healthier office environment for you and the rest of the team. 

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