The Best Bottled Water Suppliers in Johannesburg in 2020

If your office has been due for a health revamp for a little while now, the best place for you to start is to introduce a healthy water supply to the team. This not only showcases that you care about the health of your employees, but also gives you an opportunity to put their wellbeing at the forefront of the conversation, opening up new ways to help improve productivity in the workplace in general. Bottled water is known for its pure, clean qualities and also sends a strong message to investors and clients when they’re visiting you in the boardroom. Let’s chat about the different types of bottled water, and how you can go about getting your hands on a decent supply before your next AGM from one of the most reputable suppliers in the Johannesburg area. 

Making a Lasting Impression with Bottled Water

Having bottled water around the office will not only improve the wellbeing of your staff, but will also send a strong message to any visitors to the office. Depending on how you position it within your office, you can leave a lasting impression with anyone who steps through your front doors. Water coolers, for example, showcase that you take the wellbeing of your employees seriously, and also give the team access to clean water throughout the course of the day. The other type of bottled water refers to smaller bottles. These can be used for on-the-go meeting days, and can also be kept in the primary boardroom, sending a strong message about your professionalism and making a good first impression on anyone you’re looking to impress. 

Patriot Brands

Patriot Brands offers a wide selection of bottle water as part of their online catalogue, coming in glass, plastic or sports bottle variants. Established before the turn of the millennium, this company is the largest manufacturer of custom branded products for the promotional industry. This means that by using them, you’re able to add your own branding to your bottle water, be it for the boardroom, your next campaign, or as part of the end of year function in December. Offering a high quality bottle each time, and with clean water that won’t leave you second guessing the source, Patriot Brands may be focused on customisation, but they’re a dark horse in terms of the bottled water suppliers you can trust in the Gauteng area.

Oasis Water

Oasis Water has shown time and time again that they are willing to go the extra mile. This is especially true for the challenging global climate the world is facing as a result of COVID-19, which hasn’t seemed to slow them down one bit. They were quick to let their customers know that they are open for business and even offering free delivery during this period. Oasis offers products in a range of different sizes, each designed in a way to help consumers better take care of their wellbeing on a day-to-day basis. We love that their products come in 5, 7 and 10 day “refill” branding, which is a unique approach to selling bottled water, which usually is more focused on the litre count. As their recent marketing slogan says: refresh, revive, refill. They’re a great option if you’re looking for small and medium orders in the area. 


Last but certainly not least, Aquazania is one of the most popular bottled water suppliers in Johannesburg, offering large bottles for water coolers, as well as small water bottles in variants ranging from 330m to 1.5L. From lunch boxes to corporate events, they’ve got you covered. In terms of the quality of their water, they put their money where their mouth is. Aquazania is nearly double as pure as mineral water, and almost five times more pure than spring water. Their nine step purification and filtration process helps to back this up, making them one of the best suppliers of clean water in the country. You can’t go wrong when you order from them, so speak to one of their experts today. 

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