The Best Bottleless Water Coolers in 2022

A woman holding a glass of water from a bottleless water cooler

When you’re on the market for a new bottleless water cooler this year, it’s good to know where to start the search. Some of the most popular options in the market are worth considering, especially if you’re trying to decide on a final budget or attempting to get a sense of the best fit for your particular space. This guide will detail some of the best coolers to choose from in 2022. It covers three bottleless models that have long been used by people in homes and offices and are likely to continue selling well heading into next year and beyond. 

The Benefits of Bottleless Water Coolers

Bottleless water coolers offer a couple of benefits relative to their bottled counterparts. The first of these relates to time savings. These coolers don’t need as much maintenance, like adding replacement bottles, as they plug directly into the main line of the building. This also means that less storage considerations have to be made. You won’t have to worry about extra bottles taking up space (although the Aquazania team is more than happy to store bottles locally and deliver these to you as and when needed). You won’t have to worry about doing any heavy lifting either, as a bottleless solution operates all on its own. 

AQA Touch

A bottleless cooler that has long taken South Africa by storm, the AQA Touch makes the best-of list because of its ability to effortlessly supply pure sparkling water at the touch of a button. It’s highly attractive design and tiny size makes it the ultimate “pocket rocket”, offering output of up to 30 litres per hour. It comes with a removable freestanding drip tray too, eliminating the need for a fixed drain. Environmentally friendly, this water cooler is highly likely to stand the test of time relative to some of its competitors in the market. 

A droplet in a pool of clean and purified water


The idea of an “on tap” water cooler was just a pipe dream until the AQA Tap bottleless model hit the market. Ideal for spaces needing high levels of output of clean water, this cooler offers up to 80 litres of cold, room temperature or hot water per hour. It’s possible to request a custom designed stand, as well as branded glass bottles and caps, each of which will elevate the professional experience while using the water cooler. Perfect for events and larger staff functions, it’s no surprise that offices around the country are scampering to get their hands on this machine. 


A final bottleless water cooler to add to the list of considerations is the AQA One, a reliable, cost-effective bestseller that effortlessly plugs into any space. Practical to a tee, there can be no doubts that it is the best standard plumbed-in unit in its class. Available in black or white, it also comes in a tabletop (desktop) model, ideal for single-use at home or in a remote work setting. If you’re still wondering about which bottleless water cooler is the best option for your setup, chat to our team today and we’ll help make it as easy as possible to get to a final decision.

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