The Best Coffee Beans For Iced Coffee

With summer approaching, you may have begun to think about offering your clients and visitors different refreshments when they visit the office. Although a cold glass of water can do the trick, offering other options might send a stronger image of how professional your operations are. An iced coffee can really hit at the height of the day’s temperature, making it a great addition to your “menu” at the office. But which coffee beans are the best to use for iced coffee, and what exactly is it? Let’s delve deeper into this delicious drink today. 

What is an Iced Coffee?

Iced coffee, as you may have guessed, is a coffee drink that is typically served cold. It is usually prepared by brewing a pot of coffee in the normal way, followed by serving it over ice and some cold milk. You can even brew the coffee cold, which offers a different taste experience relative to the normal way. Try a mixture to see which you prefer, perhaps offering a client either one based on what they enjoy. Other drink options that are made in a similar way include Iced Lattes and Ice Mocha’s, both of which are equally delicious in their own right. 

High Quality Coffee Beans: A Personal Preference

So what is the best type of coffee beans for making iced coffee? The key is to start with making sure the beans, regardless of which type you go with, are of the highest quality. The last thing you want is to offer a potential client a bitter tasting coffee that they need to gulp down in order to be polite. If the bitterness is “pleasant” rather than sharp, and the roast date of the beans is fairly recent, you should be able to get the most out of them. Coffee will always have an element of personal preference attached to it, so stock a variety of different types in order to give the visitor some choice, especially if they seem more particular about what they enjoy, and what they don’t.

Coffee beans used to make iced coffee

Types of Coffee Beans For Iced Coffee

Kenyan coffee beans are commonly used for iced coffees because of their variety and fruity blends. Lightly roasted Latin American beans also do the trick, although they may be an acquired taste for some considering they are often stronger than locally supplied beans. Africa will always be a hub for high quality, great coffee beans, so banking on blends that have local roots can be a good way to go and to start the exploration process ahead of the peak of summer. Don’t be shy to ask for feedback from your office visitors, in order to refine your selection for the future. 

Coffee Machines Catering to Many Drink Types

If you’re looking to offer and be able to make iced coffees and more, Aquaspresso has a great variety of top notch machines that offers a variety of different drink choices to choose from. Better yet, your team can get their hands on a machine as part of an outright purchase, or a rental option, which gives you time to “test drive” a model before making it a part of your operations. Before you know it, iced coffees and a string of other delicious drinks will be part of the order of the day at the office, impressing guests and potentially even aiding the process of landing a contract with a new client.