The Best Coffee Creamers in 2022

Coffee creamers have been around for a very long time. Longer than you might even imagine. They were first introduced back in the mid 1940’s when an inventor set out to create soy cream that wouldn’t curdle when mixed with coffee. In the early 1960’s it started to be commercialised by popular companies, and the rest is history. If you’re thinking about bringing coffee creamer into your daily routine, or simply want to try a different type to what you’re used to for some variety, read on to learn more about the best coffee creamers in 2022. 

Choosing Wisely

Deciding on a coffee creamer shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s known for being convenient and popular, but it’s worth remembering that unlike milk, they don’t contain any vitamins or minerals. This limits their nutritional benefits, although this doesn’t mean that it is harmful to your health. Creamer is ideal for people who are lactose intolerant, as well as in situations where it is impossible to keep fresh milk (like on a camping or road trip, for instance). Incorporate it into your daily routine with some intention, substituting the vitamins you may have gotten from milk through supplements if need be.

Nestlé Coffee-Mate Creamer

Nestle’s Coffee-Mate Creamer is a fan favourite for a reason: not only because it is created by one of the most popular brands in the world. Designed to enhance any cup of coffee, this creamer sets out to offer a smooth and silky experience with every sip. A better milk substitute for your morning cuppa you may struggle to find. This particular creamer is also gluten and cholesterol free, should those be two aspects that are applicable to your specific health concerns. Give it a try to see if it works for your tastebuds. 

A cup of coffee with creamer in it seen from above with a glass of water next to it and a newspaper below it

Cremora Coffee Creamer

Thanks to their effective, viral ad campaigns, South Africans are highly familiar with Cremora coffee creamer. It has been a staple in homes around the country for decades. Dubbed as the makers of an “original creamy taste”, Cremora sets out to create the perfect product no matter the occasion. A subsidiary of Nestle, the brand is pushing for it to be used in baking and even cooking. Just imagine the rich scones or milk tart you can make with the right creamer. A world of indulgence awaits anyone using this iconic creamer in their home. 

Exploring Local Options

At Aquaspresso, we love working with local businesses. Our machines are in their offices and workspaces after all. No matter where you are based in the country, there are bound to be local producers (specific to the region) that will be making coffee creamers. While we can’t vouch for all of them being the best of the best, by supporting local and stimulating the economy in that way, you’re going over and above just covering the basics. You may even be surprised to find something delicious and cost-effective! Go into the search with an open mind, and enjoy your next cup of coffee with a smile on your face.