The Best Coffee Roasters in South Africa

When you’re channeling your inner barista, you might be tempted to take things up a notch and get your hands on a coffee roaster to show your loved ones just how far you’ve come. The Aquaspresso team can help you to find the perfect one for your needs. Thankfully, you won’t necessarily have to go the industrial route to find one that might work for you. We’ve got three of the best options in South Africa for you to consider right here. If you have any questions about them, or you’re keen to try a brand new coffee machine instead, our team is happy to help out as soon as you’re ready. 

Getting a Handle on Coffee Roasting

Newbies might be tempted to find out a little more about the roasting process. It essentially refers to the transformation of the chemical and physical properties of coffee beans that leads them to become consumable coffee products. The process is there to help produce the specific flavour of the coffee that can be marketed later. It works to help the bean change taste. This is an important differentiator when it comes to personal preference, along with the different characteristics based on where the bean was grown and harvested to begin with. 

The Behmor 2020SR Plus Coffee Roaster

With one of the most unique designs for a coffee roaster you’ll find in the local market, the Behmor 2020SR Plus packs such a punch that it will take your home roasting efforts to an entirely new level. Although the brand is new to South Africa, it has been doing the rounds in America for more than a decade. Easy to use, highly compact and with nifty features like a smoke reduction system, this roaster is well worth the investment if you want something to tinker with in a bid to make the perfect cup. 

A variety of coffee types typically made with the right roaster

The Genio 3 Micro Roaster

Another great option for personal use is the Genio 3, which has been designed to help beginners learn everything there is to know about coffee roasting. Easy to move around, uncomplicated to install and perfect for anybody looking to make smaller batches of specialised coffee, this roaster has everything you might need and then some. It comes equipped with the latest technology as well; it’s possible to control it from a wireless tablet, as well as to gain more insights into its performance, upcoming maintenance schedules and more. It gets a resounding yes from us. 

Gene Cafe’s Electric Coffee Roaster

This red beauty is ideal for anyone looking to roast anywhere from 80 to 300g with each go. This electric roaster comes with a variety of settings to play with until you find the right fit for your needs. The design has considered all possible angles, including a glass chamber to determine when it is done, as well as an external chaff collector, which should help with not making a mess along the way. This coffee roaster is relatively quiet compared to others on the market, and although its design might be confused for a vacuum cleaner to some, it still does its job well, while at the same time leaving coffee lovers with smiles on their faces at the same time.